150 Years

A message from Peter Halliday, Chairman and CEO, Siemens Australia

Technology has been the backbone of all major transformations in Australia’s history, and proudly, Siemens has been at the centre of this for the past 150 years. Electrification and digitalization will be at the core of Australia’s next 150 years including energy and industrial transitions. Our focus is to make digital transformation easier, faster and at scale so business and society can be more resilient and better able to adapt quickly to changing local and global circumstances. Naturally, we need like-minded partners and continued strong relationships with industry, academia, governments, and our partners. I am honoured to be given the opportunity to lead the company on this fantastic journey.

Your chance to win

Beyond 150 - November/ December Competition

Win a unique Germany technology travel experience, visiting Berlin, Hannover Messe 2023 and Munich! 

Germany is synonymous with quality, hi-tech industry, great cars and some of the best beer in the world. Imagine winning a Siemens technology tour across Germany to experience all this and more.


As Siemens celebrates 150 years in Australia, we have been bringing to life our technology in the form of unique experiences. The last instalment of our Beyond 150 competition is a big one: a chance to win the trip of a lifetime to Germany, where it all began.


In November/December this year, our Beyond 150 competition provides a lucky winner and their plus one an amazing trip to Germany, showcasing how our technology transforms the everyday.  


You will start in the culturally and historically diverse Berlin, where Siemens was founded 175 years ago. From Berlin you will then travel to Hannover Messe on a Siemens made ICE fast train. At Hannover Messe, one of the world’s largest and most significant technology fairs, you will get up close to some of the best current and future technologies. You will have a VIP tour of the Siemens stand, which is typically 3000-4000 square metres of incredible technology showcases.

The final leg of your tour includes Munich, the home to Siemens’ global head office – a leading example of smart and efficient infrastructure. Munich is also the headquarters of BMW, and you will visit the famous BMW Welt (World) where many Siemens automation and digitalisation technologies are employed throughout their production. You will also tour Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern Munich, which features our smart infrastructure and digitalization technology. Naturally, whilst in Munich - the home of Oktoberfest - you will also sample some of the best beers on the planet, many of which are also produced using Siemens technology.  


This prize includes flights, accommodation, transfers and experiences.


For a chance to win this immersive technology experience that's beyond the everyday, simply click the link below to fill in your details and answer some short questions about Siemens technology in the region. Tip: The answers you need can be found on this page. 

Entries close 10th December 2022. Good luck!

Transforming the everyday in Germany and the world

Siemens history dates back 175 years when Werner Von Siemens invented and manufactured the Pointer Telegraph machine in Berlin, which helped open up communication for the world. Following major projects such as the London to Calcutta telegraph, Werner sent his siblings out to the world to develop his patents internationally. Australia welcomed this technology in 1872 for the Adelaide to Darwin Overland Telegraph.

Back to where it all began...Siemens Berlin

The winner of the Nov/Dec Beyond 150 competition will begin their journey in Berlin, where it all began for Siemens in 1847. As Siemens expanded, research installations, residential settlements and social and cultural facilities were built, creating a new urban district: Siemensstadt.

Fast forward to today and Siemens is part of an important project in Berlin which rethinks our approach to infrastructure developments – we call this Siemensstadt Square  and it represents smart infrastructure and urban planning of the future.


A holistic digital city-twin offers the possibility to simulate and significantly optimise city planning and operations, highlighting how digital city twins can help make cities more sustainable.

Building on such projects, earlier this year, Siemens launched Building X, an open AI-enabled suite for net zero buildings. It’s a new smart building suite that is open, interoperable and fully cloud-based.

Siemens and Hannover Messe – enabling net zero production

Each year thousands of customers from around the world converge on Hannover and visit the Siemens stand where we showcase and demonstrate how our customers are unlocking the full potential of their digitalization and automation with cutting-edge solutions that lower costs, shorten production cycles, increase resilience, and make carbon costs more transparent.  


In 2022, a major initiative was launched at Hannover Messe to support industrial net zero. Given the supply chain accounts for the largest share of the ecological footprint of products, the decarbonisation of industry is a challenge which must be tackled by all the stakeholders together. As a leading provider of automation technology and industry software, Siemens has for the first time launched a solution for the efficient query, calculation and transfer of information on the actual Product Carbon Footprint (PCF).  We call this SiGreen, which makes it possible to exchange emission data along the supply chain and combine it with data from a company’s own value creation to obtain a product’s true carbon footprint.


The winner will get an all-day pass to 2023 Hannover Messe. 

Munich – home to Siemens, BMW and Allianz Arena

Munich is home to some of the world’s great brands such as Siemens and BMW. And when it comes to European football, Allianz Arena and Bayern Munich come to mind. Behind all of these is technology with purpose.


Take for example the German automotive industry, a clear front runner for advanced manufacturing, flexibility, productivity and digital twins.


Through digital twins they substantially reduce the number of prototypes needed for new car development, allowing operators to predict behaviour, optimise performance, and implement insights from previous design and production experiences. Siemens is the only company that offers this holistic digital twin approach across the product, production, and the operation.


Other Siemens products regularly used by the automotive industry includes simulation of new production processes with SIMIT and PLC Sim Advanced and totally integrated automation (TIA) for planning, testing and development.  Siemens Xcelerator portfolio is also at the heart of the automotive industry across the whole supply chain, including aspects such as autonomous vehicles and vehicle electrification.  


Stadiums can be just as hi-tech as industry and Allianz Arena is a showcase of smart infrastructure technologies. Even the grass is kept immaculate by using sensors and AI.


The winner of this competition will get to visit the BMW Museum in Munich and tour the BMW factory and Allianz Arena

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