A letter from Jeff Connolly

Chairman and CEO, Siemens Australia and Pacific

This year represents 150 years of Siemens in Australia. In many ways, our history is a reminder of just how deeply Siemens technologies are a part of the fabric of Australia. We are proud to have played a role in transforming the everyday for millions of people in this country. Our relevance in Australia has always been and will continue to be via the application of the latest technologies to help address current challenges facing the nation.


On August 22nd in 1872, the first telegraph message was transmitted over a 2,700 km Overland Telegraph Line between Darwin and Adelaide. This great engineering achievement of 19th century Australia, connecting Australia to the world, also saw Siemens launch operations in Australia. Through the 150 years since, our technology and our people have been bringing the best from around the world to Australia and helping showcase our region’s best to the world.  


Our 150th anniversary fills me with immense pride for our past achievements, and tremendous confidence that we can meet the needs of Australia for the next 150 years. Through the years, we’ve remained steadfast in our belief that people and technology can solve current and future challenges. Our infrastructure, energy, healthcare and industrial technology underpins the building blocks of the nation. I’m also grateful that our partners and customers have had the confidence to use Siemens technologies to contribute to the country’s economic and social development.


Our industrial automation and digitalization enables everything from vaccines and blood plasma production through to beer, agriculture, dairy, water and waste water, mining and the most advanced reef simulation in the world. Our hi-tech industrial software helps our businesses innovate and bring life-saving solutions to the world. Our smart infrastructure technologies mean that iconic buildings, sporting stadiums and even university precincts can be energy efficient, safe and secure. Our energy technologies provide reliable and environmentally friendly power to the nation, and our hospitals have the latest technologies to help accurately and quickly diagnose illnesses and injuries so medical professionals can improve the lives of patients.


For 150 years Siemens has been supporting the building blocks of the nation. And through technology with purpose and passionate people  we are motivated to continue to be an integral part of Australia’s future for the next 150 years.


Jeff Connolly

Chairman and CEO, Siemens Australia and Pacific

March 2022