Industrial Cybersecurity

Across Australia and New Zealand, our holistic approach helps protect what you value.

Taking cyber threats seriously

Cybersecurity is much more than peace of mind; it improves stakeholder confidence, increases company credentials, and helps protect critical infrastructure. Most importantly, cybersecurity is an investment in the future.

The numerous advantages of today’s increasingly digitalized and interconnected world come with a price: cyberattacks have become a serious threat, affecting critical infrastructure, public safety and national security. Although Australia and New Zealand are isolated island nations, we are not exempt from the growing number and sophistication of threat vectors. Comprehensive security mechanisms and a security-oriented mindset throughout the entire organisation are essential to avert and mitigate these risks.

At Siemens, we take cyber threats seriously.

Zero Trust security for industrial control systems

The convergence of the physical and cyberphysical worlds, along with digital transformation in industrial control systems (ICS), has facilitated significant technological progress. But it also exposes global critical infrastructure assets to security vulnerabilities that could have disastrous consequences for plant operators.

The Zero Trust security architecture framework has since gained a lot of momentum within the global cybersecurity community in all industry verticals. Is it the Holy Grail of all security frameworks? And should it be applied to ICS infrastructure assets?

Securing a digital railway

Digitalization has delivered many benefits to all sectors of our economy, but the issues of cyber vulnerability and exposure are sometimes overlooked. How can we mitigate the threat of a cyberattack while still reaping the benefits of digitalization? 


Serge Maillet from Siemens explains to Rail Express how digitalization in rail requires a focus on cybersecurity.

Building cyber resilience for industrial control systems

The hyper-convergence of information technology and operational technology is having a profound impact on industrial control systems (ICS). The rise of Industry 4.0 promises to increase plant performance, scalability and reliability significantly.


With these enhancements comes the challenge of cybersecurity, however. The threat landscape in automation and process control systems is evolving at an alarming rate and operators of critical infrastructure assets in all industry verticals are struggling to keep up.

Industry Specific Cybersecurity

Siemens Australia and New Zealand now provide cybersecurity solutions in more industry verticals than ever. Click on the links below to find out more:

The Team

Our team of industrial cybersecurity experts are here to help. We have a deep knowledge of Operational Technology as well as Information Technology, which sets us apart from our competitors. Our goal is to protect your productivity whilst striving for service excellence.

Protect what you value with our holistic approach to cybersecurity

Siemens Australia and New Zealand can provide peace of mind through leading industrial cybersecurity standards and frameworks.

How cybersecure are you?

What are the challenges you face in building a comprehensive and holistic cyber-defense program?
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Do you fear that connectivity makes you more not less vulnerable to cyber attacks?


Many energy companies keep their networks unconnected because they believe this makes them cyber secure.

This misguided strategy will fall victim to more successful attacks, from inside and outside.

Connectivity gives you visibility which provides insight.

Do you lack understanding of what assets to protect?


Many companies do not know what assets and devices exist on their OT networks.

This limits their understanding of where their infrastructure is most vulnerable.

Do you have a shortage of in-house OT cyber expertise?


Most energy companies have focused on building up their IT cyber capabilities. But these cannot be simply deployed into the OT environment because of differences in the systems, data, devices, and critical dependencies.

Because of this inattention to OT, cybersecurity experts who can secure complex, aging, and interdependent infra-structure are hard to find.

Do you have older legacy systems with exposures and vulnerabilities that are difficult to protect?


OT systems are older than IT systems.

OT equipment, which can last decades, is often developed with proprietary systems that have exposures and vulnerabilities difficult to protect.

Are your security monitoring and response capabilities adequate?


Even if a company detects a potential intrusion into its OT cybersecurity environment, it may lack the plans or capabilities to respond effectively.

Do you need a multi-vendor cyber solution?


Cyber solutions must apply across multiple vendors to provide a single, seamless cyber program.


If you say “yes” to one or more of the questions above, you are not alone. For energy companies, the probability of a cyberattack is nearly 100%.

Overcoming the fear of connectivity is essential because the benefits of digitalization are too great. Organisations must focus on agility and resiliency so they can respond when – not if – they are attacked.  

A Strong Alliance

We take our responsibility for cybersecurity well beyond the boundaries of our own organisation, because approaches to cyber threats do not end there. To make the digital world more secure, we have joined forces with leading companies from around the globe to form the Charter of Trust. This cooperation is already showing the first signs of success and has ambitious goals for the future. Stay updated on this global cybersecurity initiative by following our activities here.

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