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Defence Solutions

Permanent readiness, availability, and stability are what distinguish the very best navies in the world.
Naval vessels

Advantage through technology

For over 130 years, Siemens has been delivering electrical products, systems, solutions and services for the efficient and reliable operation of submarines and naval vessels over their entire lifecycle.

As island nations, both Australia and New Zealand rely on their navies for a wide range of responsibilities – from border protection and surveillance to search and rescue, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions. They provide security for seaborne trade worth hundreds of billions of dollars throughout the region.

Siemens is an integrated solution provider for the marine world and ideally positioned to fully support our customers, providing complete electro-technical and propulsion solutions as well as service and modernisation offerings to maintain and increase availability and readiness of submarines and naval vessels.

In Australia and New Zealand, Siemens technology is propelling our defence forces forward through advanced automation, energy, product lifecycle management and propulsion.

Our solutions have included:

  • Power and control for the Royal Australian Navy’s Anzac class frigates
  • Power and propulsion for the Royal Australian Navy’s Canberra class landing helicopter docks
  • Configuration management software and support for the Australian Defence Force land and navy
  • Fully integrated platform management systems for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s Anzac class frigates  
Automation technology

Navy Optimisation through Automation

Learn how Siemens helps the Royal New Zealand Navy be best-in-class globally  

Siemens solutions for submarines & naval vessels