Distributed Energy Systems

Energy and power systems are in a transition phase from one-way supply to a multiway system. Even private home owners are prosumers, taking power from the grid, as well as feeding into it. Siemens is a key partner to the energy industry, delivering innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of the future.

Microgrid on Mars

Mars will be the ultimate microgrid. With no centralized power sources, communities will one day rely on decentralized energy systems. Watch how today’s technology could power tomorrow’s frontier.

Distributed Energy in Australia

Powering the Fed Square River Rink – Melbourne

Energy is produced on-site, with solar panels harnessing energy from the sun.

Co-generation plant uses natural gas to generate electricity, saving 4470kg of C02/year, the equivalent of 1,000 cars.

A water conservation plan and rainwater harvesting is helping to save water.


Snowtown II Wind Farm – South Australia

90 turbines providing electricty to power 180,000 homes

Largest turnkey solution Siemens has ever provided for an onshore wind project

Utilised local businesses, awarding supply & services contracts worth more than $75 million


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