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For high-quality flexible cables for a range of applications, trust in Siemens.

Flexible cables

Industrial applications demand highly flexible, long-lasting, quality cables.

At Siemens, quality is our first priority. Not only do our cables benefit from world-renowned German engineering, all products are manufactured in Germany where rigorous process controls are combined with the highest quality of materials to guarantee a superior end product.


We offer the cables that suit your specific applications, including:

  • Flexible elastomer cables
  • High-temperature cables
  • PVC data and control cables
  • Crane, reeling and hoist cables
  • Mining and high voltage reeling cables  



Manapōuri Power Station Elevator Cable

Manapōuri Power Station is an underground hydroelectric power station located in the Fiordland National Park – one of the most remote locations on the South Island of New Zealand.

Situated 210 metres below Lake Manapōuri, the elevator is the key access route to the main machine hall and is the second-longest travel lift in New Zealand. It is essential for the lift to be maintained and in an operating function as it is also integral to emergency evacuation.

As part of a recent modernisation upgrade, the elevator to the machine hall had to be re-roped. Siemens partnered with Brugg and Schindler to develop a specialised solution. Providing a full-steel premium rope with high breaking loads, the upgrade will ensure the elevator is a safe means of transportation for all employees in the machine hall.

Watch the video to learn more.

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Technical specifications and our full range of products including SINGLE CORE, SINOTHERM, EVA, TECSUN, CORDAFLEX, RONDOFLEX, PLANOFLEX, OPTOFLEX, PENDANTFLEX, MINING MSR, EMC cable glands and BLUEGLOBE cable glands.  

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Guided by expert advice

When selecting your cables, a critical success factor is to understand your application, environmental conditions, and electrical, thermal and mechanical stresses. That's why we have a dedicated team on hand to advise you on your selection.

We are able to accept orders of both small and large quantities with rapid delivery/collection across Australia and New Zealand. Cables can also be manufactured to your specific requirements.


Call the team on 1300 4 CABLES (1300 422 253) or email us for expert advice and support:

Meeting Australian standards

Siemens flexible cables are supplied in accordance with the following Australian standards:

    AS 1125 Conductors in Flexible Cables and Cords

    AS 3191 Electric Flexible Cords 250V, 440V and 0.6/1kV

    AS/NZ 3008.1.1:2009 Cable Selection 0.6/1kV

    AS 1802 Cables for Underground Mining (Reeling)

    AS 5000 Electric cables – polymeric insulation 0.6/1 (1-2kV)

    AS 2802 Cables for Above Ground (open cut) Mining

    AS 1660 Test Methods for Cables

    AS 1429 Electric cables – polymeric insulation working voltages 3.3/33kV  


Siemens elevator cables are manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure maximum safety, longevity and ease of installation.


Download our Elevator Wire Rope Datasheet for further information or contact us on 1300 4 CABLES (1300 422 253). Further datasheets can be found below. 

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