We’re not just about buildings.

Creating perfect places

Something drives us every day to make buildings better

Australia is a sunburnt country, a land of droughts and flooding rains. New Zealand is the land of the long white cloud. Both countries share an affinity with nature, nevertheless we spend around 90 percent of our lives indoors - there is no place where we spend more time in our life.

More than just four walls, buildings are where we learn the most important lessons in life, where we encounter the personalities that inspire us, where our best ideas are born. They are the places where we spend time with the people we love. And at the end of it all: They are our homes – and there is no place in the world that feels so special to us.


We all begin our lives in a perfect place: In our mother´s tummy. A place where it is never too cold, never too warm, never too loud, never too quiet; a place where we can always feel safe and secure. Our life starts in the perfect place, so why shouldn’t all our lives be lived in perfect places?  

This building stops time

Where we are makes us who we are

At Museums Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, the building preserves more than artefacts. It preserves the story of a country. Building management systems from Siemens make Museums Victoria a perfect place to preserve Australia’s heritage.  
This building is a community

Improve buildings and you improve people’s lives

At Sello shopping center in Helsinki, Finland, visitors experience more than a shopping center. Data-driven services from Siemens make the shopping center a perfect place for people to come together – and feel comfortable.
This building changes futures

The places where we spend our lives can change our lives

For the students at Pine Grove Middle School in East Syracuse, New York, the time they spend inside the school building can change their futures.  
The building is the beer

A perfect place is a place that’s perfect for a purpose

At Feldschlösschen brewery in Rheinfelden, Switzerland, fire safety systems protect the beer’s most important ingredient: The building.
Innovative products

Innovative products create perfect places

Ensuring perfect room climate for building users, keeping people and assets save and – at the same time – running the building automation cost and energy efficiently: Our comprehensive portfolio of building automation and control systems, room automation, field devices and fire safety products offers the right solution for each requirement. We make it perfect for its user´s needs – for every stage of life.

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