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As the space industry in Australia and New Zealand continues to grow, Siemens can help your space business take off.

Software that’s out of this world

Companies in the space industry are met with a unique set of challenges. As payloads increase, rocket and shuttle assemblies are becoming more complex, driving further demands on product design, planning, engineering and execution.

The bigger our dreams, the more we rely upon technology that can meet these demands. At Siemens, our software empowers global leaders in the space industry to digitally transform their business, taking control at every stage of product development and streamlining the process, reaping the benefits of Industry 4.0. From Teamcenter® to NX™, our technology helps businesses in Australia and New Zealand to scale up as they grow.

The sky is no longer the limit

Space businesses are tasked with designing and creating products for conditions that may not exist inside a lab or on this planet. They must use real innovation, which requires digitalization, to remain competitive amid increasingly complicated demands, tighter deadlines and higher stakes.

Investing in the right digital platforms that allow us to easily scale with growth is critical to the sustainability of our business.
Shaun O’Donnell – Vice President of Global Operations, Rocket Lab
NX is very powerful. NX gives us tools that move seamlessly between the different phases of design and manufacturing, and it integrates the whole cycle.
Ivor McDonnell – Senior Mechanical Engineer, University of Leicester Space Research Centre

Customer success

From shuttle launches to telescope instrumentation, Siemens software powers space projects around the globe. Click the links below to find out more.

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