Using energy efficiently

The cleanest energy is energy that is never used in the first place. Buildings, industry and transportation all offer vast potential to improve efficiency and conserve energy. The climate, and companies' balance sheets, will benefit.
Energy saving

Huge untapped potential

Beyond clean power generation, using all energy as efficiently as possible is a crucial aspect of a sustainable energy supply.

Intelligent, energy-saving products and solutions can produce tremendous savings – in terms of power and costs – in buildings, industry and transportation. Households can also become more efficient. Modern, smart home appliances use less than half as much energy as their predecessors from the 1990s.

Measured among the 23 biggest energy-using countries, Australia scores reasonably well for energy efficiency in buildings. Strong, mandatory energy codes have been in place here since the turn of the century. When it comes to transportation, the country’s largest single energy consumer, Australia comes second from bottom. In industry, too, there is still massive room for improvement.

Siemens Solutions

State-of-the-art applications for significant savings

When it comes to providing benefit for the environment and users at the same time, Siemens can offer a unique portfolio of products, systems, and solutions.
Siemens climate commitment

The Siemens commitment

0 million

euros invested in improving the energy efficiency of our own buildings and facilities

0 million

euros in annual savings expected from 2020 onwards

Siemens' innovative technologies not only create enormous savings for the customers, they also enable the company itself to reduce energy consumption and pollutants on hundreds of production sites. View the video to learn how Siemens will achieve climate-neutral manufacturing by 2030.