Portable Switch Kit

A revolution in the safe and efficient temporary isolation of MV Networks

Especially designed for quick-and-easy installation and removal, Siemens portable switch kit provides a source of temporary isolation at non-designated switching locations.

The electrical switching operation is performed with a special version of the Siemens Fusesaver® vacuum circuit breaker. Three units are pre-configured into a 3-phase ganged switching kit with wireless connection between phases enabling synchronous opening and closing of the circuit.

An operator can trigger this function using a live line stick and has 60s to clear the area before the Portable Switch Units operate. Once the electrical switching has been completed the circuit can be isolated though the removal of a temporary bridge in series with the switch unit.

The Portable Switch kit provides a number of key features and safety benefits to line crews over traditional solutions to temporary isolation, including:

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Siemens Portable Switch Kit Brochure

Siemens Portable Switch Kit Ratings

Rated Voltage – kV
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage of Portable Switch
Unit – kV
Rated power frequency withstand voltage dry – kV
Rated Continuous Current – A
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current – kA
Rated Short Circuit Making Current – kA peak
Rated short time current – kA
Rated short time current duration – s
Rated Mechanical Operations
Working Load Limit (WLL) - kg