The new power generation mix

The supply of efficiently generated affordable power is one of the most important tasks of nations for their societies and citizens. It can only be fulfilled by utilizing all available resources from conventional to renewable power generation.
Energy mix

All technologies are needed

Despite the rise of renewable power, we will continue to rely on conventional power generation for some time to come. For this reason, it is necessary to develop the efficiency of all available technologies to ensure a reliable power supply for everyone.

The power of diversity

In 2016, Australia’s electricity generation reached 257 terawatt hours, the highest level on record. The share of coal in our electricity generation is roughly 63% – about the same as it was in 2014-15. There's still quite a bit of variation from state to state. Overall, however, the country is considerably less reliant on coal than it was at the beginning of the century.

The share of Australia’s electricity that comes from renewable sources is now up to around 16% and growing. What’s more, those renewable energy sources have diversified significantly: Back in 2000-01, hydro power made up 95% of renewable energy in Australia. Today, wind power (32%) is a close second behind hydro (40%), and solar power is seeing rapid growth too.

Diversification of energy sources not only greatly improves security of supply, it can also help to free up capacity for export opportunities. All available technologies will be required to meet our country’s growing demand for energy. How they do this, however, is being fundamentally transformed by a number of factors, but particularly through digitalisation and the host of digital services that can support the whole energy sector.

From fossil power to renewables

Maximising resources, driving down cost

Siemens focuses on innovation and technologies that will bring the most value to the marketplace.

The Siemens H-class gas turbine has set a world record for highest combined-cycle efficiency – this preserves the precious resources needed to operate the power plant. In onshore and offshore wind power, too, Siemens leads the market with technologies that withstand the harshest conditions and still generate cost-effective power.

Innovation, however, doesn’t stop at new equipment development, but extends into the operation and maintenance of installed assets. Technology produces masses of useful data from which Siemens is able to generate powerful insights, beyond what is in sight. Our digital services optimise the value and performance of power generation assets – leading to higher productivity and, ultimately, more profitability.