Transforming the Everyday

From work to play, Siemens technology powers everyday innovations across Australia and New Zealand.

From manufacturing to smart buildings, energy to food and beverages, Siemens technology empowers companies both large and small to transform the everyday. Driven by digitalization and automation, we provide solutions that allow businesses across Australia and New Zealand to increase their productivity, scale up with growth, and harness the possibilities of Industry 4.0.


Australian and New Zealand companies are integrated in global supply chains. Siemens’ expertise in electrification, automation and digitalization helps them compete on the world stage, creating lasting value for future generations.


What makes a surfer’s vision become reality?

Intelligent Software from Siemens helps Firewire customize surfboards and produce them just in time for the perfect wave.

Surfing is an individual sport, and every dedicated surfer has a unique style and preference for the types of waves and equipment they like to ride. With a powerful connection to their sport, to nature and to their equipment, surfers insist that their surfboards meet their expectations for performance.


Surfboard manufacturer Firewire Surfboards dedicated itself to meet those expectations. By using Siemens NX™ software they are able to design and produce leading-performance sports equipment like no one has before. Firewire’s passionate staff joining forces with the software experts at Siemens and partners has leveraged synergies that have given the company a crucial competitive edge.


Manufacturing highlights

Food & beverage

“Ales of distinction”

With the brewing industry in Australia and New Zealand growing at a rapid pace, efficient and scalable automation from Siemens ensure craft brewers can produce consistent, high quality products while focusing on what they do best – creating.

The fermentation process at Wolf of the Willows is powered by a purpose-built solution that brings the family of Siemens technologies together. Optimised by software from Fermecraft, a Siemens solution partner with software specifically designed for the brewing industry, the business can monitor this process in real time from any location, with rich data insights resulting in improved operational efficiency and reducing unplanned downtime.

Amidst a global pandemic, Siemens technology allowed the team to efficiently adapt their production process from kegs to cans, unlocking new markets and ultimately growing their business while maintaining the quality product that customers love.


Food & beverage highlights

Discover MindSphere

MindSphere – Siemens' cloud-based, open Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) operating system – connects your products, plants, systems and machines, so you can harness the wealth of data generated by the IIoT with advanced analytics.

Buildings and precincts

The fine art of efficiency

Melbourne Museum, the Immigration Museum, Scienceworks and the Royal Exhibition Building are all part of Museums Victoria – Australia’s largest public museums organisation. Together, they contain some 17 million objects, documents, photographs and specimens. Around 2.5 million visitors walk through their doors every year.

Buildings in general are big energy consumers. Museums, however, often have their own unique energy needs and challenges. Among the Museums Victoria exhibits, for example, are fossils that are millions of years old, and delicate rare books and documents that must be kept under strict climate-controlled conditions.

As part of the Victorian Government’s Greener Government Buildings Program, Museums Victoria searched for an energy-efficiency partner and turned to Siemens – the global leaders in intelligent building technology.


Buildings & precincts

Energy and ‘Grid Edge’

Reducing bushfire risks

With about 90,000 kilometres of distribution lines, Powercor delivers electricity to 780,000 homes and businesses in Victoria, Australia.


Following the Black Saturday bushfires, Powercor was required to replace 1,062 legacy reclosers on their distribution lines with the latest technology. They needed an innovative solution that was cost-effective, and quick to install and commission.


Fusesaver™ – the world’s fastest circuit breaker – was deployed by Powercor to improve the reliability and safety of its network. With the Remote Control Unit, the automatic closing function can be turned off on extreme risk fire days from the control centre.


Energy and ‘Grid Edge’