Coopers Brewery

Coopers might be Australia’s oldest family-run brewery, but its operations are high-tech!
Having commenced production in 1862, Coopers Brewery is Australia's oldest family-owned and run brewery. In fact, Coopers’ Adelaide brewhouse was commissioned from the ground up with Siemens automation, with Siemens intelligent systems collecting and optimising data throughout all stages of the manufacturing process.


By integrating and optimizing processes onsite, Coopers can improve efficiency and data entry for laboratory operations, all while producing a highly consistent and quality product.


"When people come and see the Coopers environment, what they see is it's an organization based on digital processes," says Samantha Murray, Managing Director of Siemens Digital Software Australia. "It's agile, it's fast, it's all about quality."

You don't have to be a large global organization to be transforming your business in a digital manner today. You can be any size of organization. If you're looking to speed to market, if you're looking for product efficiency, if you're looking to improve your productivity, then digital transformation with Siemens Software is one way to do that.
Samantha Murray - Managing Director, Siemens Digital Software Australia

Coopers embraces industry 4.0