Safety Instrumented Systems

Safety Instrumented Systems

Protecting people, plant, environment and the future

With over 30 years of experience in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), Siemens is committed to ensuring our SIS protect people, equipment and environment – but also gives your plant a competitive advantage. Our SIS will enable you to benefit from time and cost savings when it comes to engineering and capital investment, higher plant availability, and greater investment security.


SIMATIC SIS Compact — affordable, fault tolerant and secure Safety PLC.

Siemens SIMATIC SIS Compact, the world's first stand-alone safety PLC certified for industrial security and process safety, delivers economical, reliable and flexible safety solutions that effectively protect people, process and environment.  

SIS Compact benefits include:

Low cost: Stand-alone SIS without the DCS overhead

Low risk: Utilises field-proven SIMATIC technology with 30+ years of SIS experience

Safe & Secure: Certified by TUV for Safety (IEC 61508) up to SIL3 and Security (IEC 62443)

Reduce false trips: Fault-tolerant architectures provide high system availability

Simplified maintenance: Latest state-of-art SIS tools (function block and cause and effect diagrams) for easy trouble shooting and MOC

Powerful: Supports integrated control functions when physical separation isn't practical

Expandable: Ability to network multiple systems as your plant needs grow

Benefit from a wide range of applications

Learn more about how SIMATIC SIS Compact is perfect for use in a wide range of safety-critical applications. 

How can we ensure security and functional safety?

Is your SIS really secure? Your company may be at risk!   

Ready to combat cybercrime?

As production processes become increasingly interconnected with digital communication technologies, cybercrime is becoming a major threat. To combat this, businesses must learn how to integrate cyber security with SIS to ensure security and functional safety are being addressed.

Find out how to implement cyber security for BPCS and SIS in a holistic manner. Learn more with our whitepaper: "Managing Your Risk: How security establishes a suitable environment for safety"


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