Digital solutions for the pharmaceutical value chain

Integrated, automated and digital solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Expiring patents and falling product prices are making the pharmaceuticals industry even more competitive. Forward-thinking manufacturers are looking to the latest technologies and process innovations to stay ahead. As a global leader in automation and digitalization, as well as pioneers on the road to Industry 4.0, Siemens is a trusted, end-to-end solution partner to the pharmaceuticals industry with local support available across Australia and New Zealand. Moving from batch to continuous processing, creating a paperless manufacturing environment and getting it right the first time are some of the key changes that life science engineers have been able to achieve with Siemens solutions. Powered by automation, electrification and digitalization, results include improved process control, uniformity of products, speed-to-market and efficiency.



End-to-end support for the pharmaceuticals industry

Optimise your plant efficiency and increase reliability with a holistic solution from Siemens.



Become a digital enterprise today

The wait for a holistic automation solution is over. Become a digital enterprise today with Siemens extensive suite of software products covering all major Industry 4.0 requirements. Focusing on four core elements - Digital Enterprise Software Suite, Industrial Communication, Industrial Security and Industry Services - your digital enterprise can be realised today.

World-class solutions for the pharmaceuticals industry

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