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According to the World Health Organization, while two-thirds of the planet’s surface is covered with water, around 11% of the world’s population still lacks reliable access to drinking water. As groundwater is increasingly insufficient to cover needs, seawater desalination is now carried out in more than 150 countries, especially in regions with major water shortages or polluted rivers. Siemens' software, automation technology and end-to-end service help you design, operate and maintain your desalination plant and to keep it efficient in the long term.


Clean solutions

The most important aspects of seawater desalination are to improve security of supply, reduce energy requirements and provide the best possible water treatment control. The process is costly and consumes a great deal of energy, and the complex nature of the plants makes makes state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems indispensable.

Reducing energy consumption

A prerequisite to make seawater desalination economical is the efficient use of energy. Our energy management solutions create valuable savings potential – an extremely effective lever to raise a plant’s economic efficiency.


A key aspect here lies in drive technology. With perfectly matched components such as enclosures, bearings, active parts, ventilation, and cooling system, we can supply the right motor for every need. In this way, we ensure a high level of plant availability, security of supply thanks to high material quality – the result of innovative processing – and reduced energy consumption.

Population growth and climate change

As the country’s population increases and pressure on our water supply grows, we need technology that can play an ever more important role in the provision of reliable water and the best use of available water.

At the same time as demand grows for water and products that require water to produce, climate change is affecting Australia’s natural water cycle – specifically, the ability of natural ground and surface water systems to meet current and future demand.

Wastewater to water

Water scarcity has resulted in Integrated Water Cycle Management philosophies playing a lead role in water plans. Stormwater harvesting and Aquifer Storage and Recovery projects regularly incorporate membrane treatment systems.

The Siemens Centre of Competence in Water and Wastewater specialises in Advanced Process Control solutions for membrane treatment plants.

Easy control and monitoring of complex desalination plants

Desalination plants are often unmanned and are managed remotely from a central control room. The main challenge therefore lies in the maintenance and modernization of PC-based control systems. The virtual control technology, in particular, offers clear advantages: the entire control system server infrastructure is consolidated in a computer center.


We facilitate your entry into future-oriented technologies with our lifecycle service that covers everything you need for a virtualization solution – all from a single source.

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