Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic Flow Meters

Designed for Australia's harsh irrigation conditions

Australia: the driest of any continent on earth other than Antarctica

Australia is an incredibly diverse country with truly unique landscapes and natural wonders. Many people do not realise, however, that it is a very dry continent and even the leafy and naturally wet areas can be largely affected by significant drought seasons.

Farmers in New South Wales and Queensland have been facing the worst drought in living memory, with costs of stock feed and transport spiralling. Large swathes of eastern Australia have been in drought for periods ranging from a year to seven years, with the record dry conditions prompting calls for further Federal and State measures.

One of these measures is the that in June 2018 the Australian Government and the Murray–Darling Basin States agreed to the Murray–Darling Basin Compliance Compact which describes actions to strengthen compliance with water management rules in the Basin. The availability and use of water meters that meet the requirements of the relevant Australian Standard is particularly important if the community is to have confidence in water compliance arrangements.

About the Murray-Darling Basin

Home to more than 2.6 million people, including more than 40 Indigenous nations, the Murray–Darling Basin (the Basin) is a large, complex, diverse and dynamic system. It generates 40 percent of Australia’s agricultural production, about one third of which is irrigated. Its water resources are relied upon and enjoyed by its inhabitants, and by many more who live outside of the Basin.

These systems provide home and habitat to millions of fish, birds and other animals, many of them protected under Australian legislation and international agreements. In 2012, the Australian Government, in consultation with the Basin States, developed the Basin Plan 2012 (Cth) (Basin Plan) to achieve long-term sustainability for industries, communities and the environment of the Basin.

The Basin Plan shares water among all users, including the environment, in a sustainable way, and is integrated across state boundaries.

Read more about the Murray-Darling Basin Compliance Compact:

Murray-Darling Basin Compliance Compact Explained

Watch our short interview with Siemens Water Expert, John Kearton, who explains what the flow meter requirements are and where to start.  

Reducing costs with Siemens flow meters

Siemens is committed to supporting farmers in their endeavour to install reliable and cutting-edge flow meters and fulfil the Murray Darling Basin Compact Compliance requirements easily with the latest technology. We are offering the below products – which have been proven on the local market with a significant market share already.

All meters are NMI 10 Pattern Approved and telemetry ready. Sizes 50mm to 1200mm in both battery and mains powered versions, most sizes up to 600mm in stock. Larger sizes are ordered as required. (1400mm to 2000mm mains powered versions are currently being assessed for approval.)  

Sitrans F Mag 8000 Battery Powered Magflo – NMI 10 Approved

Sitrans F Mag 5100W and Mag 5000 or 6000 Electronics – NMI 10 Approved

Siemens Accuracy Statement:

All currently installed Siemens Magflo meters are fully compliant with the new regulations and providing they are installed correctly and are found by a Certified Meter Validator to be compliant can be fully utilised. Should the meter fail in the future it will need to be replaced by a fully compliant NMI 10 Approved flowmeter, which we will be happy to assist with.

All Siemens flowmeters are calibrated on an Internationally Traceable Flow Rig at time of manufacture. A calibration certificate based on 4 flow points is issued with each flow tube and shows the actual result achieved on the rig which is always significantly better than our blanket statement of 0.2% or 0.4% error depending on the electronics chosen for the meter. Every Magflo meter produced is unique and is identified by an individual serial number, which can be used to find all build information and acquire a copy of the Calibration certificate at any time. Each meter is delivered with a printed copy of its Calibration Certificate in an envelope labelled “Important Documents”.

All Siemens flow rigs can be traced back to the NATA approved flow rigs page on the NATA website.

Certificate of Approval Number
Meter Model
Approval sizes (DN = internal pipe diameter in millimetres)
Approved maximum continuous flowrates (Q3)
Siemens MAG8000
DN50 - DN1200
63 m3/h - 12,500 m3/h
Siemens MAG5100W (Mains powered)
DN50 - DN2000
63 m3/h - 40,000 m3/h

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