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A clean solution

As it is our most precious resource, the water quality of our rivers, lakes and oceans is of the utmost importance. Highly efficient wastewater treatment plants are essential to maximise the extremely small proportion of usable water that’s available to us. Sustainable wastewater treatment, however, requires sound understanding of energy-intensive processes. Above all, efficient, environmentally friendly and straightforward operations management of treatment plants is vital in all areas. Whether you’re planning new construction or modernization, we support you with hardware and software systems, comprehensive services and specialized expertise – for an efficient, sustainable wastewater industry.

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Clean water through high tech

The level of contamination of domestic and industrial wastewater differs greatly chemically, biologically and with regard to solid matter. This makes reprocessing extremely costly and time-consuming. As a planner and operator, your challenge is to design and operate a plant that is both economical and fit for the future. We’re ready to support you with our comprehensive range of products and individual solutions.

Digitalisation of the wastewater industry

In the future, intelligent, interconnected systems help increase energy-efficiency while minimising resource consumption. The key components of Water 4.0 are digital solutions that optimally complement our proven automation and drive technology. They help generate relevant data and provide fact-based data analysis – throughout the entire lifecycle.

High availability of water utility assets is critical for the delivery of performance benchmarks. Diagnostic tools - integrated into hardware - enable remote troubleshooting, minimise downtime and help you achieve a more efficient use of resources.  

Security & supply

Modern treatment plants are connected to the internet for monitoring and control. While this provides transparency and flexibility, processes are potentially exposed to cyber-attack. Our Defense in Depth concept protects your plant on three levels: plant security (e.g., access control), network security (including the use of firewalls) and system integrity (such as authentication and authorization of users).

Public safety and risk mitigation form a central part of the five-year plans that water utilities make. High availability of wastewater treatment plants is necessary to deliver quality standards that are in line with water regulation requirements.

System efficiency & process quality

Integrated analytics for wastewater treatment plants helps avoid bottlenecks, which in turn improves efficiency, and boosts network and asset capacity. Discover how advanced process control is changing the way treatment plants operate.

World-class process quality is essential for the success of the water and wastewater industry. This can best be achieved with Totally Integrated Automation – for example, with the Simatic PCS 7 process control system by Siemens.  


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Individual consulting and customized solutions

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