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Ingenuity for life creates perfect places.

We spend around 90 percent of our lives indoors – there is no place where we spend more time. So buildings are far more than just four walls. They are the places where we learn the most important lessons in life, where we encounter the personalities that inspire us, where the best of our ideas are born. With our people, our global footprint, our decades of experience and our technical expertise, it's our passion helping you to create the perfect place – your perfect place.

#creatingperfectplaces in Australia and New Zealand

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Take the next step in building automation control

The new Desigo PXC4 and PXC5 controllers allow you to transform buildings into high-performing buildings. Discover how you can enter a new era of automation control. It’s your turn!

Striving for the perfect place

White paper: Striving for the perfect place

How can you turn buildings – inanimate, silent and passive structures – into living environments that can interact with their occupants, learn from them, and ultimately adapt to their changing needs? Explore the world of smart buildings and learn what a perfect place of the future will look like.

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Smart Infrastructure

Creating environments that care.

Smart infrastructure from Siemens intelligently connects energy systems, buildings and industries to adapt and evolve the way we live and work. We work together with customers and partners to create an ecosystem that intuitively responds to the needs of people and helps customers to better use resources. It helps our customers to thrive, communities to progress and supports sustainable development.

A tailored approach to meet individual needs


How we help our customers

Global experience and technical knowledge are why people all over the world rely on Siemens. Explore local Siemens projects for Building Technologies:

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