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High-performing automation for all buildings

There is no efficient building automation without a reliable control system. The new norms push towards the modernization of buildings and the reduction of their energy consumption. With the Desigo PXC controllers you are providing future-proof pieces of technology to get the optimal control of all facility operations. Analyze project requirements, create custom applications and use the full power of smart automation controllers to exceed the expected outcomes. With reduced engineering time and secure remote connectivity, you can focus on bringing your expertise to build resilient HVAC control systems. Get ready to set new standards, get ready to control!

Product partners in Australia and New Zealand

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System benefits

Todays buildings demand modern control systems

The digital transformation of buildings starts at the core of their automation system. The advanced technology of Desigo PXC controllers is based on four key pillars to optimize the operational performance.

Product distributors in Australia and New Zealand

Siemens has a network of value-added partners, consisting of authorised distribution partners and solution partners across Australia and New Zealand. These partners service the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), boiler & burner, and fire safety markets.


The right solution for any control needs

Create tailored applications to maximize site energy efficiency with freely programmable HVAC and integration controllers, extension modules and an end-to-end engineering suite.
Desigo PXC7

Think big, control big. With the PXC7, you can take control of medium to large buildings to the next level.

Depending on your requirements, choose the S, M or L variant and benefit from up to 400 I/Os.  

The PXC controller range also allows direct third-party integration and supports BACnet Secure Connect.

Desigo PXC4

If you need a control solution for small to medium-sized buildings, the PXC4 is a must-have.

This compact but powerful device is equipped with 16 on-board I/Os that can be expanded to 40.

The PXC controller range also allows direct third-party integration and supports BACnet Secure Connect.

Furthermore, a cost-efficient variant is available if third-party integration is not required.

Desigo PXC5

Don't worry about device limits anymore and expand your range of services with the PXC5.

With flexible integration limits, the controller also provides alarm routing, system scheduling and supervision for up to 600 devices.

The PXC controller range also allows direct third-party integration and supports BACnet Secure Connect.



TX-I/O modules for signaling, measuring, metering, switching and positioning can be seamlessly connected to controllers for ultimate flexibility.

Desigo Engineering Framework

The license-free Desigo Engineering Framework allows you to plan, engineer, commission, and maintain your project with a single suite, ensuring seamless workflows throughout the phases.

Not only do you configure your PXC controllers, but also room controls, operation stations and field devices.

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Case study

Desigo PXC automation avoids equipment downtime and achieves new levels of control

In Colorado, United States, Lowell 17 provides critical mechanical and HVAC maintenance services for an eight-story, mixed-use medical building. “Because these are healthcare facilities, we do 100% outside air, which can be tricky given how the seasons change here. So, good controls that are reliable and keep our equipment up and running – that’s essential. We cannot afford any downtime,” says Mike Spratt, Lead Building Engineer. By partnering with Holbrook Service and relying on Siemens PXC controllers, Lowell 17 can make the building work the way they need it to.
This project took us about half the time because of the custom saved library.
David Carpenter, Controls Manager | Holbrook Service
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