Desigo FIT applications

Desigo FIT applications for heating, cooling and ventilation

Heating, cooling and ventilation applications for small to medium-sized buildings

With Desigo FIT applications, you can easily realize your small to medium-sized projects with state-of-the-art building automation from Siemens.

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Desigo Control Point

Desigo Control Point helps you to maximize room comfort, monitor and operate your primary plant and display your building data. It facilitates remote building operations by allowing you to access your buildings and plants via touch panels, any PC, or any mobile device. The touch panels are available in different sizes for optimized user experience.

Room thermostats

Siemens room thermostats offer high energy efficiency, a healthy indoor climate and remote operation for efficient facility management.

Desigo Engineering Framework

The Desigo Engineering Framework combines everything you need for planning, engineering and commissioning. From field devices to automation controls to building operations, everything is included. This comprehensive solution is a license-free framework that ensures seamless workflows throughout the lifecycle. A wide range of products can be engineered easily and efficiently.

Acvatix valves and actuators

Acvatix valves and actuators fulfill any control and hydronic requirement associated with the generation, distribution and consumption of heating and cooling.

Desigo PXC4

If you need a control solution for small to medium-sized buildings, the PXC4 is a must-have. This compact but powerful device is equipped with 16 on-board I/Os that can be expanded to 40. The PXC4 controller also allows direct third-party integration and supports BACnet Secure Connect.

Symaro sensors

The Symaro sensors offer precise measurements for room and duct applications throughout the entire lifecycle to ensure a healthy and productive indoor climate.

OpenAir damper actuators

With OpenAir damper actuators you'll benefit from a wide selection of positioning forces, control signals, communication standards and add-on options.

Tailored applications

Comprehensive HVAC applications for small to medium-sized buildings

Desigo FIT applications open a wide range of options for building functions, making it the perfect choice for fast and easy building automation projects. Desigo FIT applications provide the right solution for convenient control of your heating, cooling and ventilation plant. All applications are pre-configured but the controllers are freely programmable and adaptable to your needs.

Simply fits for heating plants

Heating is an essential part of most buildings. Our Desigo FIT applications cover seven different heating applications including heating circuits, pre-controller, domestic hot water, and district heating in different variants.

Simply fits for cooling plants

Heatwaves and rising temperatures as well as economic and population growth have driven demand for cooling. Our Desigo FIT applications offer the right choice of cooling solutions for chilled water circuits, chilled water storage tank and chiller with recooling in different variants.

Simply fits for ventilation plants

Boosted by health concerns after the COVID-19 pandemic, ventilation is becoming increasingly popular. Our Desigo FIT ventilation applications cover seventeen pre-engineered air handling applications with heat recovery, heating and/or cooling coil, mixing dampers and humidifier in different variants..

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