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For safe and reliable energy distribution – from the very beginning

Our demand for energy is growing worldwide. Yet our environmental awareness is growing at the same time, and we are setting ambitious goals to reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, there is a growing demand for renewable energy sources, but without compromising the reliability and safety of the energy distribution.    Siemens offers a consistent, comprehensive portfolio of innovative energy distribution solutions from initial planning to commissioning and expert service, all from a single source.

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E-House: plug & play power supply solution

Delivered prefabricated, installed quickly

Time-efficient and cost effective: E-Houses are customized, fully equipped, and pre-tested modular power supply solutions for a fast and reliable energy supply.

SIESTORAGE: storage system for electrical energy

The modular energy storage system

As a combination of converters, Li-Ion batteries, control system, and all the necessary electronic components, SIESTORAGE facilitates grid stability – and at the same time the increasing integration of renewable energy sources is being optimized.

EBoP: photovoltaic electrical Balance of Plant

Smart integration of photovoltaic power generation into the grid

The electrical Balance of Plant (eBoP) solution for

utility-scale photovoltaic power plants enables PV power to be reliably integrated into the grid.

SIHARBOR: shore connection system for ships

Sustainable power supply for environmentally conscious harbors

Ships require energy even while they are in port. SIHARBOR ensures a fast, easy, and flexible connection between the ship and shore for all voltages and frequencies.

MVDC PLUS direct current transmission solution

Proven technology for the future electrical grid

Tomorrow‘s markets are facing an increasing number of renewables and decentral energy sources. The challenge is to manage the future grids stable and reliable. In the range up to 150MW MVDC PLUS is a cost efficient and flexible medium-voltage direct current transmission solution based on proven HVDC technology.

For the DSOs, prosumers and industries the MVDC PLUS offers the possibility to comply with their enhanced task in times of volatile infeed for an optimized load flow control.

eMobility charging ecosystem

eMobility charging ecosystem

Energizing your journey into a new era.

A changing world requires the ability to consistently rethink and take appropriate action. A leading example is the switch to electromobility, where we’re ready to support you with holistic solutions.



SIPLINK is capable of connecting two or more MV AC nets with different voltages, frequencies, phase angles or neutral point connection. SIPLINK controls the load flow between connected networks and the reactive power in all connected networks.

Solutions and concepts

Well-thought-out solutions for all tasks

Special requirements and unusual demands call for special ideas. Whether easy or highly complex: We offer the right solution for all requirements related to modern energy distribution. Our portfolio extends from simple packages made up of high-tech products and systems to complete turnkey solutions, and from analysis to financing to comprehensive service – all from a single source.

Our holistic approach: experience and expertise from a single source

You can count on Siemens as a reliable and experienced partner. Benefit from our comprehensive product range and fully integrated solutions – in accordance with your requirements and tasks. We’re able to develop individual solutions according to the different requirements of customers, countries or projects. We support you in terms of financing and through tailored services. Siemens accompanies its customers every step of the way, through all phases of the project. Siemens experts provide their project management expertise with regard to safety, excellence and quality.

And in the end you benefit from the advantages of a one-stop solution.

Totally Integrated Power

The importance of electrical power as an energy source for industries, buildings, and infrastructures is increasing steadily. Each business has specific needs and challenges and requires a versatile, adaptable, and tailored power supply in order to optimize availability and profitability. Totally Integrated Power (TIP) from Siemens is a completely customizable and integrated power supply solution comprising software and hardware products, systems, and solutions across all voltage levels. TIP perfectly integrates into industrial and building automation systems and enables companies to focus on their core business while supporting their value chains with a reliable, safe, and efficient power supply.

Because power matters.

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Solutions for your energy distribution – and your industry

Every industry faces special challenges – just as your energy distribution places very special requirements on our solutions and systems. Discover solutions tailor-made for your industry.

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Your optimal energy distribution solution

From simple to highly complex, from the initial analysis to financing and commissioning, from a modular design to a complete turnkey solution: We offer the right solution for your requirements.

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