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Many companies strive to always be at their very best. Productivity is a key factor for success in the global marketplace. Your machines and plants must operate reliably throughout their entire lifecycle so that you will always be able to meet your customers’ requirements quickly, flexibly, efficiently, and with the highest quality. The challenges that manufacturing companies face are as varied as the products they produce. We assist you with our unique service and support offering that also covers the digital transformation. Our digital service portfolio enables in-depth analysis of all relevant operational and process data, allowing you to optimize the overall effectiveness of your plants while improving your competitiveness and achieving maximum performance and efficiency in your machines and plants.

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Make the most of your company

Do your machines and plants a favor: Our services cover the entire lifecycle, ranging from classic maintenance to innovative digital solutions.

Fully coordinated service concept

Our Industry Services focus on four areas that take into account all the requirements of a wide range of industries.

From classic to digital

Our Corrective Services ensure that your machines and plants are restored to operation as quickly as possible. Thanks to our Preventive Services, you avoid unscheduled downtime. With Predictive Services, you know your plant’s condition ahead of time. Digital Industry Services enable you to develop new, data-based business models while protecting your plant against external attacks with our security concepts.

Where your digital transformation starts

Services for the Digital Enterprise

With our extensive digitalization expertise combined with comprehensive industry knowledge, our experts support you on your journey to become a digital enterprise. Enabling future proofed product and production development – quick, efficient and holistic.

Benefit from the knowledge built up by our experts and start the digitalization of your company, step by step.

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Additional offerings

Service and Support tailored to your needs

In addition to our classic and digital Services, we also offer you customized Service Agreements and Support.

Additional information about our Industry Services

Learn all about the many different options available to you through our Industry Services. And discover how we can help you tap hidden potential and boost the performance of your machines and plants. 

Service as a success factor – references

Our Industry Services increase the productivity, efficiency and future viability of machines and plants in all industries.


Our expertise for your application

Whether you need singular service or a comprehensive service package, our experts are happy to advise you at any time.