Concept Center 4 Industries

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Concept Center 4 Industries

On the road to Industry 4.0 – “The Digital Enterprise”

The world over customers are demanding high-quality customized products that are available quickly, all the time. This mass customization trend poses a growing challenge in the competitive global market. 

We need more efficient and flexible production models. There are two levers that play a critical role in this: a high degree of automation linked to advanced digitalization of processes. This has to apply throughout the entire value chain: it starts with design, continues through engineering and reaches all the way to managing machines and production.

The CC4I demonstrates how Siemens wants to smooth the path to the digital factory. Other than the strong focus on the development of new software platforms, among other things, visitors can also look forward to many product and system innovations created by Siemens, that become a reality thanks to various automation scenarios that are practical and futuristic, together with interactive audiovisual elements.

In a nutshell

What awaits you?

The Siemens Digital Enterprise vision, or how the virtual and real worlds dovetail seamlessly. Many product and system innovations and futuristic automation scenarios. Engineering efficiency based on new platforms and software developments, such as the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal. Complete vertically and horizontally integrated solutions for drives (Integrated Drive Systems). Added Value Services for optimizing energy consumption and ramping up availability and uptime of machines
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