Webinar: Putting energy into a sustainable future: the F&B industry  

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4 trillion cubic meters. That is the total volume of water consumed yearly around the globe, and a large portion of that is attributable to the food and beverage industry. Overall, it is the biggest consumer of energy as well. As a result, companies in these sectors are increasingly driven to make the shift towards the more efficient use of resources. Research has shown that it has the highest expected reduction in energy intensity towards 2050.


Not only our natural environment, but companies themselves can benefit from this approach. Making digitalization the core of your business strategy is crucial for both sustainable practices as well as smarter and more effective production environments.


Not sure where to start? Sign up for our webinar on 28 September, when two experts will dive into key methods to foster an intelligent production environment:

  • 4 factors of energy optimization – Arnoud Maes (energy management sales specialist at Siemens);
  • Reuse, reduce, revalue: the leading principles for sustainable water treatment – Pieter Loose (CEO of Ekopak);
  • E-mobility: the concept and implementation of smart charging for e-vehicles – Arnoud Maes.

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