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Digital Enterprise in the process industry

Digitalization is changing the entire industrial landscape, with important consequences for end customers. The process industry is following the strategy of being able to offer individual solutions for the consumer that are both economical and flexible. The key to this is the digital plant – from integrated engineering to integrated operation.

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Hannover Messe 2016

Ingenuity for life – Driving the Digital Enterprise

Leveraging the opportunities that digitalization offers and securing competitive advantages: Experience how companies benefit from the seamless integration of development, production and delivery chain data at Hannover Messe 2016.


We help our customers in the process industry to be successful in their markets

The process industry is a complex environment of rapidly changing markets, a high degree of competitive pressure and innovative technologies. Only those companies that can manage the balancing act between innovation and continuity will enjoy consistent success. On the one hand, greater production flexibility is key for reducing time-to-market and for fulfilling personalized customer requirements. To reduce costs, it is also essential to increase productivity and efficiency by keeping industrial security, process safety and product quality at highest levels.  

On the way to the Digital Enterprise

Digitalization is the most effective way for customers in the process industry to improve their competitiveness. It allows decisions of never-before-seen quality to be made: Fast, well-founded and based on facts. This creates new possibilities for systematic plant optimization throughout the entire lifecycle. And it is precisely in this area that we support our customers – as an experienced partner and pioneer in the area of digitalization: With our Digital Enterprise portfolio, we offer solutions for the transition to Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry (Digital Factory) and the process industry (Digital Plant). With our integrated offer of hardware, software and services, huge volumes of data can be captured from the process and used intelligently. The basis for this is a unified data model, the real plant’s “digital twin”. 

Integrated Engineering optimizes construction and lifecycle management

With the “digital twin”, every discipline involved in the plant project can work with a single data model. Sequential processes can be carried out in parallel. This saves valuable time and costs – and, at the same time, increases engineering quality. The “digital twin” enables virtual plant simulation before the critical commissioning phase, as well as safe implementation. 

Integrated Operation improves productivity and flexibility

The “digital twin” also offers you real added value later during the operation phase. For example, it allows maintenance and servicing measures and plant availability to be optimized – thanks to the bi-directional exchange of plant and process data. Important for this is the integration of data from different levels – from the field to the automation and management level. With “Integrated Operation,” we provide the basis for you to fully exploit your operation’s optimization potential.

The core elements of the Digital Enterprise

Siemens is accompanying the process industry on its path to Industry 4.0 – with “Digital Enterprise”, a range of systems and services made up of four elements:

1. Industrial software and automation portfolio – with a consistent data model at its core

With our engineering solution COMOS, all disciplines can be used to plan a plant with a common data basis. The bi-directional data transfer with the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 offers many benefits in the automation. And with SIMIT, it is possible to simulate the plant behavior and, thus, detect and resolve errors before the commissioning. XHQ supports management decisions thanks to transparent facts and figures.

"Siemens XHQ Operations Intelligence platform help enterprises to improve their performance with a possible reduction of up to 8% in operational costs and an increase in high-value product production of up to 10.5%," Peter Baldermann, XHQ Business Head, Siemens.

2. Industrial communication – consistent, throughout all company levels and beyond

The basis for digital solutions consists of the corresponding networks for data exchange: With Industrial Communication, you can use our complete range of coordinated communication systems – from industrial Ethernet and the accompanying SCALANCE family of network components to the open and future-proof PROFINET. Transparent processes enable industrial identification with a comprehensive spectrum of RFID and optical identification systems.

3. Industrial security – for protection from cyber attacks

Essential in the digital age: Protecting industrial plants from cyber attacks. With Industrial Security, we provide you with a large portfolio of products and services. These include plant and network security as well as system integrity.

4. Industrial data-related services – for every stage of the value-added chain

Create added value with increasing data volumes: With MindSphere – Siemens Cloud for Industry, we offer our customers a basis for new, data-related service business models. You can easily and securely connect your data with the cloud.

The future is digital

What is still a vision for the future? What is already reality? Learn how the different branches of the process industry are already benefiting from the digitalization megatrend. And what opportunities this presents for us all and for our daily lives. Digitalization provides answers to current issues for all industries


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