Maximize productivity from operation through maintenance

Discover the digital twin of performance

In the production execution phase where products are actually being produced, the world-leading automation equipment and concept of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) enables an efficient, smooth and secure production. This also starts a continuous optimization loop in order to further increase efficiency and to use data analytics for innovative services like predictive maintenance.

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Digital twin of performance

Taking quality management and data analytics to new levels

The digital twin of performance comprises the performances of both production and product. It is constantly fed with data from the product and the production facilities, which leads to new insights. Thanks to the connection with integrated automation components, the shop floor provides all relevant data which is then being analyzed in the cloud to enable continuous optimizations along the entire value chain.

In order to reach the highest levels of efficiency you can optimize the sequence of operations by matching the best sequence of operations with plant resources availability and constraints. Digital quality management software ensures that you produce products of highest quality. Quality deviations during the production phase are immediately communicated, which leads to a pro-active role instead of only being re-active on quality issues.

Feeding back all insights into the entire value chain via MindSphere – right back to product design – generates a fully closed decision-making loop for the continuous optimization of the production and product in the real world.

Optimizing production and product quality

SIMATIC IT Preactor allows to schedule and process work operations and run quality inspection operations ①.


SIMATIC R&D Suite provides the colleagues on the shop floor with work instructions, up-to-date technical and safety information, using attached documents, pictures, videos ②.


With our Quality Management System you are ensuring that you produce products of the highest quality ③.

Creating a closed-loop optimization process

At this point a lot of data are produced. Data that is of great value and that can be used with ① MindSphere, our cloud-based, open IoT operating system, to and analyze the data and transform it into valuable knowledge. This enables for example to detect anomalies in the machine data that indicate an upcoming failure.


With Real Time Locating Systems the digital twin knows where and how your products and assets are, which helps to further individualize products and increase flexibility in production ②.

All good things go by three

Discover two more forms of the digital twin

The digital twin of product

The digital twin of production

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Maximize performance with the digital twin

There’s always room for improvement: Higher throughput, better quality, even both – with the digital twin of performance you can optimize production processes to gain flexibility and improve productivity through increased plant availability. If you want to integrate the holistic digital twin from Siemens into your production process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Would like to learn how the digital twin can support your business? Our experts are looking forward to helping you.

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