From vehicle design to multi-physical simulations

Discover the digital twin of the product

Today, developing new cars mostly takes place in a virtual environment. Many of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles are being designed with Siemens NX CAD, which helps to turn automotive dreams into successful products. Automotive designers still start with a clay model to capture the emotions, but then automotive engineers use NX to turn these emotions into real products. This also creates the digital twin of the product which then enables realistic simulations to optimize the car before it’s being built.

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Digital twin of product

Design and simulation in a fully virtual environment

The digital twin of product comprises the entire car, its software, mechanics, electrics, and physical behavior. This allows to simulate and validate each step of the development in order to identify problems and possible failures before producing real parts. This goes for e-cars as well as for conventional cars.

For example, physical behavior can be simulated using the product’s 3D data to optimize material behavior, airflow, or heat development. Mechatronics, electronics, system-on-chip, and embedded software are also designed and simulated in the virtual environment.

Digitalization saves time and money because the number of necessary prototypes is drastically reduced. In addition, it allows different disciplines to work on the same project simultaneously, simplifies the configuration of different product versions, and supports new production procedures like additive manufacturing.

Designing the entire car in detail

The design of a new car begins with NX CAD which also helps OEMs to differentiate themselves with innovative designs and interactive mobility solutions for autonomous vehicles ①.


High-performance rendering and visualization tools allow to explore materials, colors and textures ②. Electronic systems and the electrical architecture for software implementation can also be designed with our tools ③.


Special tools enable complete battery definition and to test of the model under appropriate discharge and thermal conditions ④.

Realistic simulation of the car and its behavior

Our software allows to simulate the driving performance of a car, including the electronic stability software ①. Simulations also show the relation between the range of electric vehicles and passenger comfort under extreme environment conditions.


Virtual testing of autonomous driving functions plays an increasingly important role, as does the calculation of batteries performance ② within the thermal environment and of the heat generation due to electrical loading.


Even more complex yet already possible is simulating an electric motor and its electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical, and vibro-acoustic behavior ③.

All good things go by three

Discover two more forms of the digital twin

The digital twin of production

The digital twin of performance


The digital twin in the automotive industry

Find out how automotive companies around the world are using industry and application specific solutions to increase productivity, flexibility, and efficiency.

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Meet the digital twin of product

Creating a digital twin of new products enables to simulate and test all aspects before real production, allowing you to optimize the product at a very early stage of development. If you want to integrate the holistic digital twin from Siemens into your development process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Would like to learn how the digital twin can support your business? Our experts are looking forward to helping you.

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