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Ensuring that the production achieves the required output is the main goal of production planning. The production planner needs to plan the production line and has to select the necessary production equipment like robots and conveyor belts. The digital twin production comprises everything from programming to automation hardware and enables to optimize production before it begins by virtually commissioning the new production cell or line.

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Digital twin of production

Digital production planning and virtual commissioning

With the digital twin of production, it’s possible to plan the entire manufacturing process in a fully virtual environment. From designing the layout to visualizing material flows and possible bottlenecks on to simulating the PLC code for the automation hardware, this ultimately leads to a virtual commissioning that helps to test and optimize new production lines in order to reduce time, effort, and risk for the real commissioning.

By selecting the necessary equipment and designing production cells digitally it becomes possible to simulate how all the parts come together in a production cell. This includes tasks like programming of the robots for welding and handling and optimizing cycle times for high production output.

Digitalization in production also supports manufacturers to master challenges like increasingly individualized cars. Instead of fixed chain production it enables a flexible and modular production that adapts much faster to changing requirements.

Planning the production

With Line Designer ① you can plan the entire production line and select the production equipment like robots and conveyor belts.


Plant Simulation enables to simulate and optimize material and energy flows ②, while Tecnomatix Process Simulate allows to simulate and optimize your production process ③.


With SIMOVE you can manage AGVs in order to set up a modular and more flexible production.

Validating and executing production

Next, you can start engineering the production. The PLC code can be generated automatically and transferred directly from the digital twin to the Totally Integrated Automation Portal ①.


The overall result is validated holistically with virtual commissioning in Tecnomatix Process Simulate ②. The virtual SIMATIC controller PLCSIM Advanced can be utilized to test the production cell or machine in a completely virtual environment.


Now, real production can start: Thanks to our world-leading automation equipment and our concept of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), we enable efficient, smooth and secure production ③.

All good things go by three

Discover two more forms of the digital twin

The digital twin of product

The digital twin of performance


The digital twin in the automotive industry

Find out how automotive companies around the world are using industry and application specific solutions to increase productivity, flexibility, and efficiency.

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Enhance your production with its digital twin

Optimizing the increasingly complex task of automotive manufacturing becomes easier with the digital twin of production. From the early planning stages up to virtual commissioning, digitalization helps you validate your production planning earlier and with more confidence. If you want to integrate the holistic digital twin from Siemens into your planning process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Would like to learn how the digital twin can support your business? Our experts are looking forward to helping you.

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