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Digital Twins can also go electric

The automotive industry is changing rapidly and this is forcing companies to constantly deal with new challenges. The demand for electric vehicles is increasing worldwide, while at the same time customers want cars with more custom design options – while for the comming years conventional drivetrains will be in demand. That’s why the automotive industry is searching for new opportunities to boost its efficiency in vehicle design and production. This greater efficiency is possible thanks to a unique portfolio consisting of our cutting-edge automation solutions and the Digital Enterprise Suite, our innovative software offering for the digital transformation with a focus on the Digital Twins throughout the entire value chain.

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Automation highlight for the eCar production

How can Digital Twins help building an eCar? Learn more in our podcast.
Digital Twins

Digital Twins move eCar production into the fast lane

There’s a concept according to which everything in the real world also exists in the digital world. That’s the Digital Twin. It encompasses the entire value chain and exists in three variants.

Digital Twin of the product

Based on a powerful data backbone we offer design solutions for all new electric components in eCars, battery simulations, and the optimal integration of all components into a high-performance vehicle. For the first time, the specific challenges of eCar development can be efficiently mastered thanks to simulation-driven product design. In addition, new design and simulation solutions help to optimize the development of battery cells, modules and packs . Simulations across multiple domains also play an important role when designing extremely powerful drivetrains for electric vehicles. The intelligent integration of all components with the aid of the Digital Twin is a big step forward to autonomous driving – an essential future technology.

Portfolio of solutions

Digital Twin of production

The Digital Twin of production makes it possible to develop more flexible and powerful production plants – both greenfield and brownfield. It covers the entire eCar production process, comprising the classic bodywork production and new areas such as e-motor and battery production. Comprehensive planning and simulation software helps to shorten the ramp-up time. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and powerful SIMATIC controllers, as well as the TIA Portal engineering framework, provide greater flexibility. Proven Siemens technology enables the simulation, optimization, and automation of battery production. Our automation solution also allows powerful, process-optimized production lines for electric motors and conventional engines.

Portfolio of solutions

Digital Twin of performance

Performance and maintenance data from production equipment and entire production lines is captured and analyzed using MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system. This increases plant availability and also allows need-based maintenance scheduling. MindSphere is the basis for the use of analysis apps for many applications.

Intelligent apps can, for example, warn about problems before they occur. Among other things, efficient production requires good production control, which we provide with our SIMATIC IT manufacturing execution system as a component of MOM.

Portfolio of solutions


A dependable partner for eCar production

Our solutions support automotive companies of any size. Here are some examples that demonstrates the possibilities.  

Efficient eCar production

Digital Twins make eCar production more efficient

From car design and production planning to actual production and the subsequent services, an integrated database makes it possible to continuously analyze and optimize all workflows and processes. This is especially true for the expansion of the portfolio to include electric and hybrid vehicles.

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