Since energy and electricity usually constitute the biggest cost driver SICEMENT Services enable you to unleash hidden potential such as energy savings and increase the performance of machines and plants. We offer a complete portfolio of product-, system-, and application-related services that cover the entire lifecycle – from planning and development, to operation and modernization. Due to digitalization, increasing complexity, constant pressure on raw material and energy and stricter environmental regulations resource and cost optimization are getting more important every day. 

Key areas of improvement

How can I reduce energy costs?


Our Service Portfolio offers you customized methods to optimize the utilization of resources.


How can I use digitalization to support my production?


We provide product and process transparency with our dashboards and analytics to jointly develop improvement measures. With these new technologies we will help to prepare your installations to be ready for future demands. 


How can I ensure the data security of my plant?


The rapidly growing threat landscape and the changing security risks call for a preventive and industry-specific defense strategy. Detecting vulnerabilities and threats at an early stage to achieve optimal plant protection over the long term is our commitment.


Services for improving of the cement production productivity

Continuous condition monitoring makes it possible to detect changes in the operating states early and to take according counter-measures. Siemens decided to use a permanently installed condition monitoring system based on SIPLUS CMS2000. 


Let our experts help you with:

  • Minimizing unplanned downtimes by optimizing maintenance activities
  • Enhancing plant availability by identifying changes in the operating states at an early stage
  • Time and cost saving through early planning and optimization of maintenance and service activities

Siemens offers a long term, performance-based, maintenance contract where Key Performance Indicators aligned with the customer’s business drivers form the basis of performance measurement and contract payment schedules. The scope of work and services needs to be agreed and can cover supplied Siemens equipment through to a total plant outsourced maintenance contract.


The Key Performance Indicators could be:


  • Availability and reliability of the plant sections under contract
  • Safety record of on-site-personnel (including subcontractors acting on behalf of Siemens for breakdown and planned maintenance)
  • Maintenance work completed compared with planned
  • Maintenance Budget

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Cong Thanh Cement Plant with Siemens Solutions

The Vietnamese Cong Thanh Cement Plant with a capacity of 12,000 tons of clinker per day is a major production facility in Asia – thanks to Siemens solutions.

How can we help you?

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