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SIMOCRANE – crane technology for all crane tasks

Harbor cranes are the essential interface between vessels and the destination of their freight. With increasingly larger vessels, harbor cranes need to become more productive and efficient. Based on a decade long expertise in electrification, automation and digitalization, Siemens has developed the SIMOCRANE technology platform that covers the crane requirements arising in harbor applications (container loading and unloading, batch and gripper mode).   Due to its scalability, the SIMOCRANE technology platform supports you both in the implementation of complex large cranes featuring a superior drive power of up to several 1,000 kW and sophisticated functions (sway control, automation), and when using basic crane types showing reduced power rates of a few kW only and a lower level of automation (manual operation).

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Digital solutions for cranes and equipment

Digitalization takes cranes to the next level

A higher level of crane automation in container terminals means more efficiency, greater productivity and, in particular, more safety. Find out more with the following media.

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