Joining forces to digitalize the fiber industry

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Digitalizing the World of Fiber

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News & Updates

Reinventing the fiber industry, one step at a time

From digitally scanning trees to wood-based textiles, your ideas, research, and lighthouse projects are breaking down traditional views of what wood can do. Here's a glimpse at project updates, shared events, and joint news from our collaborations.
Trends & Topics

Exploring untapped potential

Fiber is coming into its own as a digital industry, but where do you take it from here? Answers are forming as you explore – and they might disrupt the fiber industry as we know it. Here's a look at the latest in evolving digital themes, emerging trends, and pioneering research.

How we use one megatrend to tackle other megatrend challenges

The megatrend digitalization offers the solutions we need to address the problems that arise from other megatrends – from global warming to rapid urbanization to generational change. You approach your ideas for sustainable products with a digital mindset and leverage a range of digital technologies to bring them to life. But there still is untapped potential waiting to be unlocked. Digital twins, intelligent assistance systems, and cloud-based IIoT ecosystems open news ways of conquering the challenges looming ahead – megatrends that are reshaping organizations and the way we live and work.

Exploring sustainable materials

We delight in the exciting possibilities of using sustainable materials in our daily lives, whether it's fiber materials in food packaging, in our clothing, or in lightweight car bodies. Here's a 360° view of promising research trends – and a look at how digital technologies and digitalized production can boost the business value of these explorations.

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