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New technologies and digitalization constantly impacts your industry and plant productivity. To keep your people, equipment and valuable resources on pace with production goals, you will need quick response and expert support to find a solution to your production problems. With Fiber Industry Specific Service Concept, Siemens is offering customers technology-based services that extend far beyond standard product services. These service offerings give our customers the option to access to SIPAPER Drive and SIPAPER DCS experts at any time to address unforeseen problems during production.

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Key areas of improvement

As an energy manager or production manager, you are directly responsible for the energy costs and the consumption of resources in your production.  Energy Analytics, the cloud-based energy data management service, help you to achieve these goals. 


In industry, all unscheduled downtime for machines or plants must be resolved as quickly as possible. Our experienced experts are available to assist you worldwide – online, by phone, or directly at your site, around the clock.  Our goal is clear: to restore the functionality of your machines and plants as quickly as possible when an event occurs. 


Our service portfolio helps you to optimize the operation of your machines and plants without needing additional resources or knowledge. This involves reports, expert recommendations and decision-making support as well as product related support for Siemens and selected third-party components.  

Industry services help you to safeguard your investments through the smart use of your plant data by providing reliable insights about the condition of your individual components and the probability of possible failure.


Digitalization increasingly interconnects industrial facilities. On the one hand this enables numerous new insights based on analyzed data. On the other hand this leads to a higher risk of cyber attacks, which requires an effective protection concept that consists of multiple layers and protects industrial facilities against any threats.


  • Industrial Security Health Check
  • Implementing Security
  • Managing Security
  • Assessing Security


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Companies face considerable challenges as a result of the digital transformation. As a partner for industry, we can help you to digitalize your value chain to your advantage. We offer individual digital solutions and consulting that is tailored to your needs.


  • Establish plant-wide performance transparency
  • Monitor Machine and plants reliability
  • Secure performance  objectives
  • Learn flexibly and globally
  • Plant protection on multiple levels


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Services for improving paper machine productivity

Pulp and Paper mills face many challenges in keeping production assets running optimally. Increase productivity, quality, reliability and efficiency are essential while maintaining a safe working environment. We can help and support you with our SIPAPER Drive and DCS experts to achieve these challenges. 


Let our experts help you with:

  • Identifying problems and deficiencies
  • Developing sustainable solutions
  • Improving process stability
  • Recommending service solutions such as, optimization, upgrades, Life Cycle Services

Continuously improving your competitive edge is a constant challenge. How could you maintain or improve your competitiveness if you are having interruption with web brakes during production which would affect product quality, productivity, on time shipments and ultimately your customer relations due to quality complaints. 


With our experts and service portfolio offerings we could:


  • Analyze and locate the sporadic fault
  • Perform root cause analysis
  • Provide preventive measures
  • Recommend service solutions for performance improvements

Technology based services with our SIPAPER Drive and SIPAPER DCS experts will provide you the expert support you need to achieve your production goal. One of the performance indicators of your paper machine is SPEED. Is your machine running at designed speed? Are there bottlenecks preventing your operation to achieve production goals? 


If you need support, our experts can provide: 


  • Utilization check and paper machine optimization
  • Analysis of reserves for speed increase
  • Recommendations for upgrades to achieve your production goals

Complex drive systems must have a high level of availability to keep the plant running. When you need quick response and expert support, our experts are available 24/7 by using modern, secure communication media via remote access to team up with you to resolve any unforeseen problems. Optimized operation with motors and drives, their selection, dimensioning and correct use can contribute substantial reduction of energy used. 


Our experts can help and support to optimize your drive system by:


  • Checking overall control concept
  • Performing single control loop analysis
  • Analyzing key process indicators and optimizing control loops
  • Providing continuous improvement measures

With today's high demand for fiber, unexpected downtimes and failures in the process can lead to a dramatic loss of money and time. With digitally enhanced electrification and automation, process industries can profit greatly from reduced downtime, optimized plant efficiency and performance. 


 If you want to know:


  • How fit is your company for Digitalization?
  • How does digitalization improve plant performance and maintenance?
  • How can digitalization improve data transparency?
  • How can digital simulation boost the efficiency of processes?

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Greenpac Paper Mill Partners with Siemens Fiber

Greenpac Mill is a brand new, lightweight recycled linerboard mill in Niagara Falls, New York. Siemens partners up to provide the right solutions for the job. This sustainable, state-of-the-art-mill has the largest linerboard machine in North America. The company and the community surrounding the mill are proud of their positive impact on the environment and economy.

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