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Digitalization is opening up new potential for the consumer goods industry

The megatrend of customization also extends to the consumer goods industry. Demand for increasingly personalized and individualized products with extremely short delivery times and affordable prices is creating new challenges for manufacturers. Thanks to digitalization, new approaches can be adopted in product recipe formulation as well as packaging design.

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Digital Twin

The comprehensive Digital Twin in detail

Our holistic approach for creating Digital Twins offers tangible benefits: You can substantially reduce the number of prototypes you need, predict the performance of the production unit and the products themselves, and ensure you produce what your customers expect.

The digital twin is the precise virtual model of a product or a production plant. It displays their development throughout the entire lifecycle and allows operators to predict behavior, optimizing performance, and implement insights from previous design and production experiences. 


Our comprehensive concept of the digital twin consists of three forms: the digital twin of the product, the digital twin of production, and the digital twin of the performance of both product and production. Thanks to our comprehensive domain expertise and optimized tools, Siemens is the only company that offers this holistic approach. 


There is tremendous value gained from performing "what if" scenarios and predicting future performance with the digital twin. The ultimate goal of the digital twin is in the closed-loop connection between the virtual world of product development and production planning with the physical world of production system and product performance. Through this connection actionable insight is gained from the physical world for informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of products and production operations.

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At a glance

Digital enterprises produce more flexible and with maximum quality

Companies become digital enterprises by integrating and digitalizing the entire value chain. For every step from developing a new product through to continuously optimizing a plant, Siemens provides a coordinated portfolio of hardware and software.

Interactive production process

Our interactive graphics shows clearly the products and solutions that help you to optimize your processes and to meet the diverse requirements of your customers.
Digital Enterprise

The holistic approach to optimize the entire value chain

The production process in detail

The Digital Enterprise enables manufacturing companies to streamline and digitalize their entire business process, seamlessly integrating suppliers into the mix. They can begin at any point of their value chain, from product design to service, and can extend digitalization gradually, depending on their current needs.

Siemens offers the right solution for each step in the production process.

Siemens services help make your consumer goods production more efficient while improving availability. They improve system transparency and help you detect defects in electrical or mechanical components before they appear. You can reduce power and maintenance costs, and plan your maintenance activities to fit in perfectly with your production cycle.

Product design / formulation

Product design and packaging

Developing the formulation for a new product that will satisfy consumer tastes and comply with all regulatory requirements is becoming increasingly complex. The SIMATIC IT R&D Suite helps structure the development process more efficiently and develop new products quickly. The resulting data can be re-used in the subsequent process and production stages, such as details of the ingredients used for the packaging label.


The packaging can also be designed and simulated in a virtual environment using NX – Industrial Design & Styling. This will reveal how effective the packaging will be on the shelf, the extent of the material costs and how they can be reduced, and how stable the packaging is. Placement, size, and details of labels can also be simulated and optimized.

Production planning

Production planning

To identify bottlenecks or overcapacities in good time, Plant Simulation can be used to plan, simulate, and optimize production in advance. Star CCM+ also makes it possible to simulate liquids, and thus identify how the product will behave when being mixed or filled, and how this will affect the production workflow. Simplify production lines using Line Designer by creating and simulating the layout in a virtual setting. And the Mechatronics Concept Designer optimizes construction of the necessary machinery by simulating the way different elements will work together, e.g. machine functions such as kinematics, and product properties such as newly designed packaging. 

Production engineering

Production engineering

The many functions applied in engineering the automation process using the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) make parameterization easier and help achieve the best possible result, quickly and without error. A comprehensive database also assists with the virtual commissioning of the new machine: Thanks to the realistic simulation of functions and program codes using SIMIT and PLCSIM Advanced, errors can be identified and rectified at an early stage. That means you can complete the real commissioning of the machine on-site faster and with less risk of error.

Production execution

Primary and secondary

SIMATIC IT UA PI makes smooth and efficient production a reality. The MOM platform for the process industry, in conjunction with SIMATIC WinCC, lets you plan production tasks and enables reliable quality control and end-to-end reporting, in order to optimize production further. By analyzing process data, you can view consumption transparently, helping you keep power costs under lasting control by introducing an energy management system.


Use data for optimization

The data generated in the production process can be used in the ongoing optimization of both products and production. The Cloud-based, open IoT operating system MindSphere enables the data to be gathered, processed and analyzed securely. The insights gained in this way can be fed back into the overall development and production process, facilitating targeted design changes or improvements to the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the production lines. 

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How can companies ensure complete traceability and quality assurance, from the origin of resources to their customers? The answer is called blockchain – a revolutionary technology that provides the security you need to build trust. Gain transparency and traceability with Siemens Blockchain running on MindSphere.

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Practical examples of digitization in the consumer goods industry

Digitalization is opening up new opportunities for efficient, fast production of consumer goods with maximum flexibility.
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