Final assembly – products for plant productivity and efficiency

To achieve increased plant productivity and efficiency, the aerospace industry has to exploit the benefits of integrated automation solutions. With Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), Industrial Software and solutions for new automation concepts, Siemens is the partner of choice.

Siemens solutions

The challenge of automating assembly operations, introducing new concepts, and achieving planning, quality, and performance transparency are met by state-of-the-art solutions and applications from Siemens.

Efficient engineering

Totally Integrated Automation ensures the efficient interoperability of all automation components. The open system covers the entire production process and is based on consistent data management, global standards, and standardized hardware and software interfaces. This minimizes engineering time and leads to lower costs, a reduced time to market, and greater flexibility.

Simple product development

Tecnomatix is a comprehensive portfolio of digital manufacturing solutions that help aerospace manufacturers leverage innovation by synchronizing product engineering, manufacturing engineering, and production.

Advanced controllers

Advanced Controllers combine power and efficiency for medium to complex applications in the aerospace industry and meet the demands placed on communication, flexibility, and technological functions.

Greater flexibility in motion control

SIMOTION, the scalable, modular, high-performance system, excels in any situation where motion control plays a role. Aerospace manufacturers benefit from a high degree of flexibility, convenient engineering, and rapid commissioning.

The optimum drive for every purpose

Siemens provides frequency converters suitable for every drive application. Our products range from basic drives and dynamic servo drives for motion control to medium-voltage drives – as well as tailored solutions for the aerospace industry.

Ideal electric motor for any application

Based on more than 150 years of experience, SIMOTICS electric motors are unmatched in reliability, robustness, compactness, and performance.

User-friendly and functional process visualization

With our configurable and scalable SCADA system, aerospace manufacturers have the advantage of maximum openness to both the office environment and to production.

Reliable and flexible networking

SCALANCE offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated industrial communication solutions for the aerospace industry.

Maximum safety for man and machine

Safety components from the SIMATIC Safety Integrated range, such as the safety control system, are TÜV-certified and meet the highest international safety standards.

Flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing

Siemens MES SIMATIC IT for discrete manufacturing is a set of solutions covering all manufacturing operations in the discrete industry, for example, the aerospace industry.