Test stands for the automotive industry - precise, efficient and flexible

test stands

Test stands

The more flexible, faster and more precise they are, the higher the competitive advantages that can be created: Test stands are an essential component of precise quality assurance procedures in the automotive industry. Research achievements must be rigorously checked and tested, and new functions meticulously verified to ensure that they are effective. And by the way, they must have outstanding efficiency when it comes to energy, time and costs – and safety for persons must be guaranteed in compliance with the applicable standard (according to C Standard EN 528). As complete supplier of electronic components and application-specific concepts we have the answer to all of these challenges. We are more than willing to help you implement your innovative concepts for test stands that are fit for the future.

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Function blocks

A test stand featuring Siemens technology has many advantages

Currently the most productive functions for optimization of your test bench
Test stands for the automotive industry - precise, efficient and flexible

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Product selection

Components for the implementation of test stands

Interaction with the options of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and Integrated Drives Systems (IDS)

Test stands in practice

The Acoustic Center (Akustikzentrum) in Lenting, Germany has a highly modern, compact acoustic all-wheel roller test stand - in which precisely matched drives play a role:

Acoustic all-wheel roller test stand at Akustikzentrum GmbH / Lenting

Control of the rollers to the last millimeter, even at high speeds

Inter-compatibility of Siemens products

Low space requirements of the products

„We decided in favor of Siemens: because we had already had good experience with the company since we started and because it is also a selling point toward our customers that we have installed high-quality products for which spare parts will still be available if necessary in ten years.“   Michael Zehner, managing director of Akustikzentrum GmbH / Lenting


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