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Products need to be customized, produced in smaller batch sizes, and reach the market more and more quickly. At the same time, product quality has to remain the same or increase even as cost pressures grow. Innovative machine concepts are needed to allow manufacturing companies to meet these challenges. Handling solutions play an important role here – solutions that set new standards in terms of performance, and can be flexibly and rapidly implemented on an integrated automation platform.

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Daniel Hübner, Application Engineer at Siemens, and Thomas Kahabka, Technical Consultant at Siemens

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Do you ask yourself what is behind Safe Kinematics and what are the advantages of this extended technology function in times of digitalization?

Find out more in our Expert Talk with Daniel Hübner and Thomas Kahabka.

Control, motion control, and path interpolation from a single source

The systematic path to the optimal handling solution

Whether for palletizing, press transfer, or high-speed pick and place, entire production lines can be implemented on the basis of SIMATIC and SIMOTION. Our scalable offering of handling solutions meets a wide variety of automation requirements.

Perfectly tailored on the basis of standards

From standard solutions for all common applications to individualized solutions to meet your very specific needs, we support you from project planning to commissioning with the right engineering tools, products, and services.

Industry applications

Our solutions for SIMATIC and SIMOTION already cover a majority of the applications on the system side. Special industry-specific requirements, such as fully automatic synchronization on conveyor belts, are covered by a modular library concept.


The constantly growing variety in packaging requires maximum flexibility and productivity.

Integrating powerful handling systems into the packaging line on a controller platform reduces the number of interfaces. This reduces the time and effort needed for engineering, so a shorter time to market is possible.


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Requirements in the plastics industry vary greatly, from high-speed removal systems for injection molding machines to high-performance stacking robots integrated into the machinery for thermoforming processes. Take advantage of our wide range of automation products.


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When producing standard flat glass, it is crucial to ensure speed and precision. Our standard applications – for example, for “flying cutting” and for unloading glass panels – help you achieve these goals.


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Path interpolation with SIMATIC

User-friendly solution for any task

The technology CPUs of SIMATIC S7-1500 Advanced Controllers offer an extended range of motion control functionalities. The result: one engineering, one controller, one communication system for standard automation, safety, and motion control technology.

Handling applications using SIMATIC technology

SIMATIC S7-1500 technology CPUs with the kinematics technology object provide functions for controlling kinematics.

Convenient engineering

  • Predefined kinematics: Thanks to standard kinematics, handling mechanisms can be configured efficiently with graphic support.
  • User-defined transformation: Allows you to easily integrate your own kinematics.
  • Configuration with graphic support: Kinematics, coordinate systems, tools, and zones are intuitively parameterized via screens with 3D visualization.
  • Function blocks according to PLCOpen: Kinematics functions are programmed in the familiar PLC environment.
  • Engineering in the TIA Portal: permits complete access to the entire digitalized automation 
  • Kinematic trace: The motion of the machinery in displayed as a tracer path in 3D visualization.
Freely programmable motion control system for the most sophisticated demands

Maximum freedom for more flexibility

By combining the motion control system SIMOTION with the drive family SINAMICS S120, Siemens offers the optimal platform for demanding motion control applications. Integration into the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) with SIMOTION SCOUT TIA allows seamless, efficient engineering from the controller to the HMI.

SIMOTION Handling Toolbox

With our SIMOTION Handling Toolbox, we offer you the right modular solutions for any handling task.

For precise contour movements like those required for gluing processes, it’s also possible to use G-code.

All common kinematics are already provided by the system and simply need to be parameterized by the user via appropriate screens.


Learn more about the SIMOTION Handling Toolbox

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