Digitalization for machine tools

Greater efficiency and systematic optimization. Digitalization gives you highly efficient leverage for meeting the constantly increasing requirements in machine tool manufacturing.
Hanover, Germany, септ. 18 - септ. 23, 2017

EMO 2017

Under the motto Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing we would like to invite you to visit us at the EMO from September 18 to 23, 2017 in Hanover.

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Machine tools on the way to Industrie 4.0

Added value for machine tools

Maximum productivity, flexibility, and efficiency, as well as simple operability and the possibility of permanent optimization. Our range of digitalization solutions allows you as a machine tool manufacturer or operator to enjoy the full benefits of the advances in CNC and to progress on the way to Industrie 4.0.

Digitalization in the machine tool sector

Machine tool manufacturers and manufacturing companies are already benefiting from the opportunities created by digitalization, and are systematically enhancing their competitive edge: With our extensive range of automation and digitalization solutions, development phases and times to market can be reduced measurably and production flexibility and efficiency increased significantly. We are the only supplier to offer both an end-to-end CAD/CAM-CNC process chain and solutions for networking machine tools and higher-level IT systems. We combine this horizontal and vertical integration with innovative solutions for cutting, for directly connecting robots, and for performing additive manufacturing.

Build: fast and flexible from the idea to the machine

Shorter time to market, as well as higher productivity and efficiency in the machine development process: That is what our digitalization offering stands for. All the necessary data are available as a virtual machine model at a very early stage. This digital twin of the actual machine can be used for testing the feasibility of customer requirements, new options, etc. and for optimization. The Mechatronics Concept Designer is of central importance here. It considerably reduces machine development time and shortens the capital-intensive actual commissioning by means of virtual commissioning. For this purpose, the virtual machine model is linked with the real – i.e. SINUMERIK – control system. This allows the machine functions to be tested under near real conditions and further optimized. As an additional major advantage: The virtual environment can be used to avoid any damage to the real machine during the commissioning and start-up phases and to test component manufacturing programs under effectively real conditions.

Operate: simple and efficient from design to workpiece

Greater productivity and profitability, and more efficient processes: Virtual mapping of a machine also offers clear advantages for operating purposes. Machining can thus be simulated in advance in conditions almost identical to reality by means of the original SINUMERIK software, known as the virtual NC kernel (VNCK). This permits optimization of production planning and machine capacity utilization, faultless calculation of unit costs, and reduction of set-up times. Our solutions also contribute to optimizing production – by intelligently integrating the machine tools into the production process, also in job shop production environments. Using SINUMERIK Integrate, programs can be transferred directly to the machine, and CNC program data can be managed throughout the factory with Manage MyPrograms. This enables workpieces, job orders, and series to be planned in detail in the production department. In addition, with Manage MyTools the right tools are always available for the machine.

Optimize: continuous optimization of machines and production

High transparency and lower lifecycle costs: Our solutions enable you to minimize the running costs of a machine tool by optimizing monitoring and maintenance. This is facilitated by networking the entire production environment. Based on automatically gathered machine and status data, Analyze MyPerformance calculates the effectiveness of the overall system (Overall Equipment Efficiency – OEE) and supplies valid indicators for measures to boost efficiency. Even with older machine tools, upgrading can achieve productivity gains of up to 15 %. In addition, with Mechatronic Support we also offer a ground-breaking optimization solution for machine tool builders. It enables them to model, test and optimize the functionality of the entire mechanical, electronic and IT systems in a simulation environment.

On the way to Industrie 4.0 with SINUMERIK

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Industrial security for machine tools

Seamless security in the digital world

Seamless security in the digital world  As digitalization advances, cyber security becomes increasingly important. We offer everything you need to protect your processes from both internal and external cyber threats: innovative products, systems, and services, as well as sound know-how in implementing measures tailored to your specific requirements.

There is only one way to the digital enterprise: the secure way

In industry, automation and office networks are becoming increasingly interlinked. The consequence: rapidly growing cyber threats and changing risk scenarios. This makes preventive, industry-specific defense strategies indispensable. As a pioneer in Industrie 4.0, Siemens is consistently pushing ahead with cyber security – with an approach that combines security mechanisms and comprehensive automation know-how. With our integrated range of products and services for industrial security, we can support you in implementing all the measures that are necessary to take advantage of digital progress unrestrictedly.

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Machine Tools News

This section provides information on new developments and things to know concerning digitalization in the machine tool sector: on our innovations and further developments – but also on events that are not to be missed.

Successful digitalization solutions for machine tools

All over the world machine tool manufacturers and operators rely on our comprehensive range of digitalization solutions – thereby profiting from significant advantages throughout the entire machine lifecycle.