Maximum flexibility in mechanical and plant engineering
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The Multi-Carrier-System introduces itself

In doing so, we answer the questions "What can the Multi-Carrier-System and what not?" With the aim of optimally informing you about all possibilities of our system. One thing is certain - new possibilities are created in assembly technology, for example in battery manufacturing.


The Multi-Carrier-System can do a great deal, probably also what you need.

Identifying market requirements

Increasing the flexibility of industrial production

Like the demands of its customers, industrial production has also changed. Customers increasingly call for constantly new and individually manufactured products. And they want them tailor-made under the same conditions as mass-products. To meet these customer demands, the industry has to further reduce costs and delivery times.

Growing requirements demand innovative solutions

These customer requirements also face modern plants with a huge challenge.

To keep pace with market-dictated demands, machine builders and plant engineers require a needs-based solution:

  • for easily modifying and retrofitting plants and systems
  • that provides maximum versatility and customization options
  • which offers implementable options that save time and costs

The Multi-Carrier-System is designed precisely to meet these market requirements. It offers needs-oriented scalable engineering tools, as well as modular hardware components. In addition, we also offer you our comprehensive expertise, which is incorporated into your customized solution.

We want a plant that can be very fast retro-fitted, that is able to produce different product variants and that can already depict those quantities with such a large output, that we can serve the mass market.
Dr. Martin Strampfer, head of operations at Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co. KG

The innovative system solution for more flexible manufacturing processes

The Multi-Carrier-System transport solution ensures maximum flexibility in machinery. Breaking up the rigid concatenation of conventional transport routes creates new freedoms and offers maximum dynamics.

Modular, flexible, and dynamic manufacturing processes

In this configurable transport system, the transport carriers, which are driven by linear motors, are flexibly moved to the individual units, e.g. the filling, closing or labeling unit. The system moves freely and exactly synchronously to the process and can be integrated in the existing intralogistics – including seamless loading and unloading of the carriers. The other transport paths remain unchanged. 

The modular concept allows a quick conversion of the machine to different formats, other product types or seasonal requirements. The integrated concept allows the control of the transport movements and motion control functionality as well as the coordination of additional machine modules.

System configuration

  • Powerful controller: Full integration of controller and motion control tasks for the complete system
  • Passive carriers without motor and active electronics for low wear and low in vibration
  • Linear motor, basic profile and roller conveyor
  • Simple, modularly structured mechanical basic system
Modular system concept

More competitive and flexible with a modular and scalable system

Hardware and software, from basic to high-end: You decide what you need for your application. Thanks to seamless scalability, subsequent adjustments to changing requirements can be made affordably and with little engineering effort.

Simply select what you need from the modular system

You can flexibly select the mechanical and electrical components from the modular system – exactly in the quantity you need. You can choose a practical complete package or individual elements, with various scalable drives and controllers.


Added flexibility

The Multi-Carrier-System can be easily combined with systems from well-known conveyor belt manufacturers. Depending on requirements, the scope of supply can range from a single module to a complete, pre-assembled Multi-Carrier-System solution.

The Multi-Carrier-System at a glance:

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Innovative software solutions

Engineering with maximum freedom

Software that is precisely tailored to your needs – with our consistent, combinable software toolboxes, you can easily implement tailored solutions for every requirement.

Quickly arriving at the best possible tailored solution

Your benefits

The Multi-Carrier-System at a glance

Ensure your leading market position with greater flexibility – thanks to a modular, freely scalable Multi-Carrier-System that always meets your precise requirements.
MCS interactive

Intelligent software and modern control change the game in mechanical engineering

Producing different varieties of a product on one production line – the Multi-Carrier-System that Siemens has developed for OPTIMA makes this possible.

The Multi-Carrier-System in practice

Proven performance and flexibility: The Multi-Carrier-System ensures efficient production processes in a wide range of different industries.


We would be happy to advise you

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of the Multi-Carrier-System and find out how you can use it to boost the competitiveness of your plant over the long term? Our experienced experts are happy to answer all your questions.