Robot integration for production machines

Machine builders can get a handle on integration of two- to six-axis kinematics

As levels of automation increase, robots are being used more and more frequently for handling and assembly tasks. This increases the complexity of the automation process, because robots come with their own systems that need to be configured in parallel. The necessary expertise must first be built up or brought in; there’s no continuity between operation of the robots and the machines, and a change of robot manufacturer will prove very costly because existing programs can no longer be used. How to resolve this complexity and optimize robot integration?

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Complete solution for robotics

Integration of two- to six-axis kinematics in the TIA Portal

Using the TIA Portal and the SIMATIC controller allows you to efficiently integrate robots into your automation system. There are two different approaches: program and system integration.

Program integration for five- and six-axis kinematics

Using the TIA Portal from V14 or later and a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller, you can integrate the program for the robot system into the controller. The interpolation remains on the robot controller.

Common engineering for PLC and robotics

All popular six-axis robots are only available as a system comprising mechanics, controller, engineering software, and operator unit. This means that six-axis interpolation can’t be fully integrated in systems from most manufacturers, which leads to parallel automation environments: two controllers, two engineering tools, two operator units. These systems also differ completely from manufacturer to manufacturer, and so there’s no standardized interface between the PLC and the robot – it has to be redefined all over again every time.

Using the TIA Portal reduces cost and complexity because you can continue to use familiar commands and interfaces in the engineering environment.

Integrated programming of automation and robots with robot integration in the TIA Portal

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System integration of two- to four-axis kinematics

Standard and user-specific kinematics can be fully integrated into the SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU at the system level using TIA Portal V15 or later.

Technology object in action

The “kinematics technology object” was incorporated in SIMATIC S7-1500 technology CPUs for the first time with the TIA Portal V15. The system-integrated motion control function enables the control and coordination of kinematics with up to four interpolating axes (X, Y, Z, and an orientation axis A).

The kinematics technology object currently supports seven pre-defined kinematics (Cartesian portal, roll picker, articulated arm, cylindrical robot, Scara robot, Delta picker, tripod) and user-defined kinematics.

The spatial programming of kinematic movement uses the customary programming environment from SIMATIC Step 7 and standardized functional modules based on PLCopen. The technology object also offers extensive diagnostic and monitoring options with no need for additional programming.


TIA Portal

Engineering SIMATIC controls and robot programming in a common engineering environment.

SIMATIC S7-1500 Advanced Controller

The controller for applications with maximum performance, flexibility, and networking requirements.


Operator unit and engineering software work together seamlessly


Controller with technology CPU for advanced motion-control tasks like gearing and camming.


Software solution for configuring, programming, and validating controllers in the TIA Portal.


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