Success in photovoltaics requires sunshine – and automation

PV module manufacturers and machine builders face enormous cost pressure. They respond with innovations and competitive manufacturing processes and machines. Siemens offers valuable support in the form of tailor-made product and automation solutions.

Cell and module production

The sun brings it to light: optimal precision and performance

In cell and module production, efficiency and productivity are in high demand. Siemens develops sophisticated automation concepts that meet these requirements.

Production machines are as varied as the color of light

The field of production machines for manufacturing solar cells and photovoltaic modules ranges from machines for the cell coating process (e.g. PECVD), to high-speed machines for connecting cells to strings, to layup stations with handling kinematics and laminators for the modules at the end of the production line. What they all have in common is consistently high quality standards. Superior technologies help save money and prevent waste, and the more thoroughly machine automation is integrated, the more successfully this is accomplished, because the individual processes can be seamlessly monitored. There is also continuous quality control throughout all stages of production.

Our automation solution, your benefits:

  • High-precision motion control functionality of the SIMATIC or SIMOTION controllers means optimal quality in the production of cells and modules
  • Failsafe controllers and safety functions integrated in the drive reduce the number of conventional switches and save space in the control cabinet
  • Our wide range of asynchronous, servo, linear, and torque motors facilitate your choice of a suitable motor
  • Efficiency is gained through the seamless integration of the software for HMI and controller programming as well as drive commissioning in a uniform engineering environment (TIA Portal)
  • Costs are reduced thanks to up to 30 % faster engineering in the TIA Portal  

Products used

SIMATIC S7-1500F failsafe controller as machine controller and SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller for PC-based automation

PROFINET and PROFIsafe for communication with the drives and the SIMATIC ET200SP distributed I/O modules

The SINAMICS S210, SINAMICS S120 and SINAMICS G120C high-performance drive systems and the powerful, precise, and reliable SIMOTICS S-1FK7 and SIMOTICS 1FK2 servomotors for high-precision positioning and feed axes

More information

Automation of cell and module production

For more information about our automation concepts for cell and module production, contact our experts directly.