Throughput needs automation

Producers of silicon ingots using the Czochralski process value one thing above all: an innovative, modular design with a high level of automation for high throughput. That's why many systems engineering companies rely on our innovative automation and drive technology. It's at the core of our offering for crystal growing systems, along with a tailored solution for a crucible heating power supply that can reliably handle critical process parameters at all times. Process visualizations with comprehensive data processing are an integral part of the Siemens automation concept.

Crystal growing systems

Bright prospects in terms of your quality

Production machines that produce silicon ingots according to the Czochralski process need an automation concept that perfectly balances the interactions between all parameters to guarantee the quality of the end product.

On the sunny side with high-precision control

The concrete task is to continuously rotate the seed crystal in the solidifying melt while simultaneously pulling it upwards at a speed precisely adapted to the crucible temperature profile. The goal of our automation concept is to perfectly adapt the speeds to the crucible temperature and to minimize deviations from the target temperature by providing the highest quality crucible heating power supply. In this way, the crystal reliably reaches the desired diameter thanks to high-precision control throughout the pulling process – and is of optimal quality for subsequent processes in wafer production.

Scalable solutions for every task

Take advantage of the many benefits that we can offer you as an experienced automation partner.

  • Precise temperature and process control based on the SIMATIC S7-1500
  • High availability thanks to reliable servo drive technology
  • Precise motion control functionalities for uniform growth of ingots
  • Scalable technologies, from standard solutions to high-end applications
  • Constant, consistent ingot quality
  • Cost-effective, economical production

As vital as sunlight: optimal power quality

Maintaining constant movement throughout a wafer production plant requires high power quality – because if the power fluctuates, motion parameters such as rotational speed and torque also change.

Constant DC power

The SIPS (Silicon Industry Power Supply) is a tailor-made solution for supplying power to the crucible heating system for crystal growing systems in the solar and semiconductor industries. The SIPS is a DC power supply specifically developed for powering crucible heating systems. It can be adapted to the specific requirements of a customer's application in the solar and semiconductor industries – for example, in terms of the number and rating of the DC outputs.


The SIPS meets the requirements of the monocrystalline pulling process:

  • Low TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • High system availability without expensive interruptions thanks to a modular and redundant design
  • High efficiency and optimal operating data even in the partial load range, resulting in significant cost savings
  • Simplified implementation – communication via PROFIBUS/PROFINET
  • Low line harmonic distortions, thus reducing additional operating expenditures for compensation systems
  • Long service life thanks to corrosion-free steel cooling system

Products used

PROFINET and PROFIsafe for communication with the drives and the SIMATIC ET200SP distributed I/O modules

SINAMICS V90 PN – individual drives with the PROFINET interface and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotors for maximum precision of crucible adjustment axes

More information

Automation of crystal growing systems

For more information about our automation concepts for crystal growing systems, contact our experts directly.