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High-performance register control enhances the value of any printing machine and is a requirement for producing high-quality print products and achieving minimal wastage. The SIMOTION TRC register control system enables you to work extremely efficiently and economically. The sensors can be integrated into your drive controller without additional hardware - no extra network or control cabinet, no extra controller! With printing machines based on the SIMOTION motion control system from Siemens, you also benefit from direct integration. As a result, setup in particular goes much faster and a higher level of productivity is achieved more quickly.

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Register control systems at a glance

All brands, all colors

A register control system based on SIMOTION is easy to integrate and improves your machine productivity. We're one of world's few manufacturers capable of equipping integrated register control with different sensor systems. The type of the print marks and the operation conditions determines which sensor system is used.


The sensor-based SIMOTION TRC3000 solution is designed for the proven block and wedge marks. The used register mark sensor works with a fiber-optic cable based on RBG analysis. This means that even for complex measurement tasks - for example, highly reflective varnishes or low-contrast marks - the high-performance sensor operates with maximum detection reliability. SIMOTION TRC3000 is available in a single-head version or in a two-head version, if your machine process includes backside printing. Thanks to the ATEX-approved fiber-optic cable, the sensor is also suitable for a explosion-hazardous area.


If you want to base your register control system on space-saving dot marks, you need a camera-based solution - SIMOTION TRC7000. The great advantage of this sensor: The dot marks can be freely positioned within the printed image. This reduces the edge trim to an absolute minimum. The optional selectable varnish flash also guarantees reliable recognition even of varnish colors. 

Function library at a glance

With the SIMOTION Print Standard software solution, register control can be optimally integrated because it is perfectly tailored to printing machine requirements. A library with function blocks provides all the functions needed for the integration of the regis-ter control. The library is expandable and can be customized at any time.


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The use of a SIMOTION register control system has been a significant step forward for many printing machine operators. At the same time, collaborating with the company ensures that the technology and our solutions will continue to be optimized. Learn about the results of this collaboration.
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