LECo - highest precision thanks to self-learning compensation

Using intelligent algorithms to improve the print accuracy

A precise and fault-free production process is absolutely mandatory to achieve a repeatable optimum in product quality. Often, however, the process itself with its interfering forces compromises the task. For printing machines, and especially in flexo printing, regular printing errors on the substrate are a well-known phenomenon that reduces quality. They are partly based on drive control errors caused by the printing process. This problem can hardly be solved by means of the drive mechanics. Here intelligent software solutions in automation lead to a new control performance. When properly used, the LECo (Learning Error Compensation) algorithm can overcome the limits of mechanics and conventional control technology with the strength of digitalization. Cyclic errors caused by the process are almost immediately reduced to a minimum and you always have excellent quality with every product.

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LECo in practice

The clever and sustainable way to better results

The reasons for control errors, also called following errors, can vary: for example, an imbalance in the printing cylinder, the rough surface of the Flexo printing plate or an improper sheet transport. If this type of following error is cyclic, LECo can compen-sate the error almost completely through precise precontrol. The LECo algorithm con-tinously monitors the following error, analyzes it and calculates the precontrol values for compensation, which are used in the following cycle.

Do you already know?

The use of a self-learning algorithm like LECo will be very easy with the open control-ler structure of our SIMOTION motion control system. Together with the modular SINAMICS drives, you can be sure that your machine is optimally equipped. Under these conditions, LECo is capable of learning the drive control error and eliminating it almost completely after a few rotations of the cylinder.

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LECo in the Siemens portfolio

A plus for any automation

Flexo printing is just one example out of many where LECo can significantly improve process accuracy. In addition, the algorithm can be used especially when it comes to alternating, not predictable process forces. LECo can deliver the best results in conjunction with other Siemens components and applications because these optimally coordinated products enable an effective engineering and setup.

Effective configuration with SIMOTION technology packages

Our technology packages combine software functions that are required for automation in mechanical engineering. They are loaded into the controller software during configuration and expand the system through additional functions. Specifically for your printing machine we have composed a tailored technology package, allowing expansion or scaling at any time. Thus resulting in a highly efficient configuration of your machine, carried out error-free within seconds thanks to an automated procedure by the project generator.

SIMOTION Print Standard Add-On Drive Optimization

For an optimum integration of LECo into your automation system, we developped the application SIMOTION Print Standard Add-On Drive Optimization. This application contains a comprehensive function library all about drive optimization and LECo. These include, among others, frequency analysis, detection of the moment of inertia of the mechanical system, determining and writing speed and current set-point filters in the SINAMICS S120 drive system, and recording the frequency response of the position controller.


LECo - the logical choice

LECo can be tremendously beneficial to your printing machine. To find out how, con-tact our experts. Working together we will be able to develop a solution that is one-hundred percent tailored to your needs.

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