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Standardized yet highly flexible

With their large number of axes, printing machines need to have a flexible and modular design and be precisely coordinated. This requires a constantly increasing amount of engineering. In conjunction with shorter development and commissioning times, a standardized software solution for motion control is more important than ever. With the Print Standard open software package for SIMOTION, you have a ready solution perfectly tailored to the requirements of printing machines. Flexible connection concepts with virtual and real axes as well as specific technology functions can be implemented via a standardized real-time interface. Any user can easily integrate all functions into production control and combine them flexibly.

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Overview of SIMOTION Print Standard

The right answer for every question

The Print Standard software package can be used for all printing machines. Its open programming makes its integration into the machine automation as flexible and efficient as possible. Small plants with only a few axes are just as easy configurable as complex multi-axis machines. The basic elements of the software are technology functions. Properly combined in an application, they raise your machine to a new level of productivity.

What is the composition of your machine?


The basic application contains the most important functionalities from the printing-machine world over all segments. Units can be moved, homed, positioned and synchronized independently of one another. Even very large axis groupings with far more than 100 axes can be quickly implemented.

Which printing technology does your machine use?


Simple solutions in the form of application examples can be generated for a specific printing technology from a base application. These are the SIMOTION Print Standard Segment applications. Each example targets specifically the details of the associated segment or printing technology. Using concrete machine projects, the documentation clearly describes how the application is utilized in the chosen segment. Gravure printing, offset printing, flexo printing, and corrugated board printing applications are available.

What are your machine's requirements?


Wind and unwind material, control the web tension or the register: These are only a few of the technology functions that can be integrated into your project like building blocks. The combination can be individually adapted to the type of machine and the processed materials - also subsequently, if necessary, without having to adjust the complete structure. SIMOTION Print Standard Add-On applications are sample projects engaged with these technology functions in detail. Step by step, they show you how the function is included in the Print Standard project.

How do I set up my project?


The SIMOTION project generator has been available since SIMOTION Print Standard V3.0. It can be used to assemble and automatically generate new modular machine projects. An easy-to-understand wizard quickly and easily guides you through the software and to the right functions for your task so that you can appropriately assemble your project. If the degree of integration is higher, you can use predefined modules, for example to create, save, and integrate complete printing towers in accordance with your requirements and integrate them into projects - no matter how complex they are. In addition to the many Print Standard applications, other applications available for SIMOTION can be used, such as SIMOTION message handling.

Where can I find help for creating applications?


Every application comes with extensive documentation. Support for the concept be-yond the planned project is often advisable. In workshops, our application engineers present solutions and offer participants the possibility of becoming acquainted with all the functions on test devices.

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Proven solutions for your machine

Using SIMOTION Print Standard significantly shortens the time to market, the installation of the machine on site, and ensures that you can be certain of production quality. Numerous companies that have become leaders in their segment rely on Siemens components and use engineering with Print Standard applications for their printing machines. Here are just a few examples.
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SIMOTION Print Standard has the right functions and applications for your printing machine that will significantly increase the productivity of project planning and commissioning. Contact us.

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