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Manufacturers of textile machinery are faced with new challenges every day: Intensive competition, continuous innovation and high production costs make heavy demands on the manufacturers. We respond to these challenges with an integrated approach: a broad and customer-oriented product portfolio for every type of machine, digitalization expertise for developing and improving machines, and supplementary services that increase plant availability, service life and overall plant efficiency. 

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Our solutions for the entire textile machinery sector

Man-made fiber

Man-made fiber

Transforming chemical compositions into synthetic fibers using extruders, spinning pumps, godets, take-up winders and texturizing machines.

Synthetic fibers make up a growing proportion of fiber production worldwide, with production capacities that are practically unlimited. The continuing availability of crude oil in sufficient quantities will continue to help expand production capacity in future and hence cater for the increasing needs of a rapidly growing world population.


For decades now, Siemens has proven to be a reliable partner in the field of drive and automation solutions for extruders, spinning pumps, godets, take-up winders and texturizers.


An automation solution from Siemens offers you the following advantages:


  • Complete solutions from a single source, from the drive and automation system, through project engineering, coordination, configuration and panel building, all the way to commissioning.
  • The avoidance of production downtimes thanks to prompt servicing and 24-hour worldwide technical support.
  • Reduced costs for the configuration and commissioning due to Totally Integrated Automation, a uniform tool for configuring converters, and remote maintenance and error diagnostics by means of teleservice
  • Customer-specific development of high-speed synchronous motors with additional squirrel cage for high-precision operation on a V/f characteristic without feedback of speed via encoders. Motors can be operated on a group converter.
  • Development of cost-effective customer-specific drives for machine manufacturers with integrated technology, e.g. dancer control.


Transforming single fibers into fabrics using weaving, warp knitting, knitting and non-woven fabric machines. 

For basic or complex fabric manufacturing applications, we can offer the right solution for every application.

We offer system solutions for all conventional textile fabric manufacturing applications. Our services cover knitting, warp-knitting or weaving, including weaving preparation, and subsequent process steps. Our services cover knitting, warp-knitting or weaving, including weaving preparation, and subsequent process steps.


Non-woven fabric manufacture – An innovative sector demanding continuous developments

Non-woven fabric machines are one of the most innovative areas in the textile sector.

The emergence of new fields of application, such as geotextiles or filtration media, has contributed to constant market growth. Continuous improvements in the production and finishing process are driving innovation forward.


Our automation and drive portfolio offers manufacturers the basis for overcoming challenges with confidence. With the use of complex motion profiles, we can configure a tailored solution using our modular and scalable product portfolio to serve a wide variety of applications, ranging from simple mixers to highly sophisticated machines such as cross-lappers.


We offer automation solutions for complete non-woven lines. This includes integrated safety functionality, state-of-the-art communication via Profinet and complex motion control with numerous degrees of freedom.


A solution from Siemens offers superior performance and flexibility, easy and integrated engineering, and worldwide product and application support.



Improving the appearance and quality of the starting material by various processes e.g. washing, bleaching, dyeing.

We offer system solutions for all textile finishing plants and systems. Depending on the technical task, we apply a central or distributed automation and drive concept.


A solution from Siemens gives you maximum flexibility, simple and integrated engineering, and worldwide product and application support.


Finishing Toolbox – Textile Finishing Solutions from Siemens


Save time with ready-to-use function blocks for SIMOTION, SIMATIC and SINAMICS.


Get started right away with fully tested application examples, or adapt them to your individual needs.


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Natural fiber

Natural fiber

Processing natural fibers into yarn using bale openers, mixers, carding machines, draw frames, flyers and ring spinning machines.

Whether in pure cotton or mixed-fiber fabric, staple fibers still form the backbone in the textile industry. The majority of the "yarn" product is manufactured using conventional spinning procedures. The manufacturing process starts with the delivery of bales of fabric – whether it is made of cotton or synthetic fiber. The process chain includes a bale opener, tuft feeder, mixer, carding machine, draw frame, comber and flyer, and arrives at the actual spinning process.


Much has changed over the years. In addition to the conventional ring spinning process, further procedures such as compact spinning and rotor spinning are also used today. Multi-axis solutions and intelligent drive concepts in combination with our controllers form a consistent concept. An automation solution from Siemens offers you the following advantages:

  • Suitable for use in the spinning room thanks to flow-through cooling or cooling plates.
  • Cost-effective complete solution through proven, customized products/systems through optimized automation of the machine.
  • Compact design and reduced number of components due to compact converters and dual-axis modules with multi-axis drive control.

The world's largest portfolio for textile manufacturing

In order to ensure an efficient value chain, we need system-based automation in which all components are perfectly coordinated. Siemens offers an integrated portfolio for a broad spectrum of textile applications.

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Industry services for the entire lifecycle

Industry services for the entire lifecycle

Do your machines and plants a favor and treat them to customized service agreements and worldwide service infrastructure. Our services span the entire lifecycle, covering everything from conventional maintenance to innovative digital solutions.


Digitalization already in use today

Find out how machine builders and plant engineers around the world use industry- and application-specific solutions to create winning concepts for machines and plants.


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