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First and foremost, woodworking and timber processing machines must have two key attributes: They must be efficient over the complete value-added chain – and they must be energy efficient. Only then are they cost-effective enough to be globally competitive – both today and in the future. Presently, the competition is characterized by the trend towards individualized mass production – and this will certainly remain the case in the up-and-coming years. Especially when it comes to this topic, digitalization offers a wealth of opportunities and value-added potential – but only if the software and hardware work seamlessly together. Here, you can read how your woodworking or timber processing company can enjoy a sustainable future; what innovative ideas there are for one of the oldest raw materials in the world – and how you can profit from the unique Siemens portfolio of drive and automation technology.

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Siemens answers for the woodworking and timber processing industry

A portfolio that leaves no questions unanswered

As partner to the industry, Siemens offers the optimum solution for all types of woodworking and timber processing machines and for each processing step. Connected to the TIA Portal, you have a product portfolio that can be easily scaled at any time to address your specific application – if the requirements happen to change or even increase.


Our service portfolio ensures that our machine parts have high availability over a long period of time. In addition to outstanding quality, you obtain development and investment security that is unique in the market.

An overview of the solutions

The optimum solution for every requirement

Come and discover your own individualized Siemens solution that precisely fits your particular project – and all of the associated advantages.

Higher, faster, safer

In a sawmill, one thing is more important than anything else: speed. Which is why our extensive portfolio of controls and drives is the right choice. With our solutions, we ensure high processing speed to achieve a high cutting yield – making your sawmills significantly more productive.


Your advantage:

  • High production rates by optimally coordinating the control and plant and/or motor 
  • Effective implementation of safety requirements – integrated fail safety of the drives, through the I/O up to the control systems
  • Maximum protection of your application based on integrated know-how protection
  • High degree of plant/system availability based on rugged products that are being continually developed and innovated

Core technical data:

  • Saw line up to 100 meters long
  • Feed rate: 200 m/min
  • Up to 1.5 million m³ wood/year
  • Up to 220 axes

Model solution for a sawmill

The main objective of a sawmill is to achieve maximum output with a high degree of safety – and this can be perfectly realized based on this model. All the components optimally interoperate with one another – from the control level down to the field level.


With SINAMICS S7-1500F controllers, HMI Comfort panels, various SINAMICS converters as well as SIMOTICS standard and servo motors, you have a seamless solution providing maximum output and at the same time with a high degree of safety.

Components required

Application examples from the sector

Continuous particle board presses

When it comes to automating continuous particle board presses, highest cost and energy efficiency is of paramount importance. Our globally unique portfolio of energy-saving components can be precisely adapted to address your specific production processes – therefore providing the optimum solution for each and every press line.


Your advantage:

  • High cost- and energy savings using new motor and system technologies that are more energy efficient
  • Consistent particle board quality based on perfectly harmonized and coordinated automation solutions
  • Highest precision and availability using a high-performance bus system (Profinet IRT)
  • Straightforward and fast engineering using the TIA Portal

Main technical data:

  • Press line up to 77m long
  • Adjustable press thickness
  • Up to 1500 m³ wood/day   

Model solution for continuous particle board presses

Components required

Equipment always in step

Short-cycle presses are measured by their output per unit time – and they must supply a consistently high quality. With our portfolio, solutions can be implemented that facilitate the reduction of the pressing and loading times, therefore playing a crucial role in increasing speed, reliability and cost effectiveness.


Your advantage:

  • Full planning security with a high availability of spare parts going far beyond what is generally available
  • High availability based on system-tested drive solutions that are harmonized with one another
  • Short time-to-market through series commissioning in the TIA Portal

Main technical data: 

  • Typical heating plate size 13 m x 2.5 m
  • Performance of up to 260 cycles per hour
  • Press pressure of 1000 N/cm²

Model solution for a short-cycle press

Components required

Full bandwidth

When it comes to wide belt sanders, efficiency and cost effectiveness have utmost priority – requirements that can be optimally satisfied using our scalable portfolio. With our systems, you can always fully depend on high availability and productivity.


Your advantage:

  • Simple implementation of innovative operating concepts through the TIA Portal
  • Short cycle times by employing a drive system with high dynamic performance
  • Security of investment in the future by securing product availability and comprehensive support over many years
  • High degree of cost effectiveness of your machines as the product portfolio can be scaled

Main technical data: 

  • Typical feed velocities 2.5 – 13 m/min
  • Sanding unit, typically 22 kW

Model solution for wide belt sanders

Components required

Application examples from the sector

The woodworking multi-talent

Panel saws are used both in industry as well as in the trades – and the associated machine concepts differ correspondingly. No matter what your specific requirements actually are: With our portfolio, you are optimally equipped to address the highest demands.


Your advantage:

  • Modular and flexible machinery construction through openness in the TIA Portal, handling options and scalable hardware
  • Price-sensitive solutions through scalable systems
  • High productivity through short spindle acceleration and braking times based on innovative software functions

Main technical data: 

  • Saw trolley/panel shifter 60 m/min (up to 120 m/min)
  • Saw motor, typically 7.5 kW
  • Cut lengths, approximately 2 - 6 meters

Model solution for a panel saw

Components required

All components perfectly coordinated

Dowel hole drilling machines place high requirements on automation solutions. Our innovative solutions for automatic drilling machines mean that each and every format is reliably handled. These solutions are created through the perfect interaction between our control systems, converters, motors and software.


Your advantage:

  • High degree of compactness through innovative motor and drive technology as well as a reduction in the switchgear systems employed.
  • Fast positioning change using high cycle rates of the control and high-speed drives
  • Extremely high degree of safety using extended safety functions, e.g. safe position or override of the safe speed via PROFIsafe

Main technical data: 

  • Typical machining heights of up to 1.5 m
  • Milling spindle from 5.5 - 9 kW
  • Milling speed of 24,000 revolutions per minute
  • Typical machine length of 6 - 10 m

Model solution for a dowel hole drilling machine

Together with you, we develop the optimum automation solution for automatic drilling machines. In this model solution, we are using the SINUMERIK 808D CNC system, SINAMICS V70 converters and SIMOTICS S servomotors.


All these components create a cost-effective solution that perfectly addresses the requirements of automatic drilling machines.

Components required

The best edge is invisible

What sets wood apart from other materials is its attractive optics. Edge banders must operate perfectly in order that the finished product satisfies even the highest aesthetic demands. Our precise motion control and drive systems form the basis for outstanding processing quality – to achieve an invisible joint or seam.


Your advantage:

  • High throughput by means of fast (1µs) and high precision switching of the cams
  • Simple implementation of innovative operating concepts through the TIA Portal
  • Precise adjustment of the formats using servo technology and motion control

Main technical data: 

  • Feed velocities of 10 - 60 m/min
  • Typical machine length of 6 - 10 m

Model solution for edge banders

Components required

Top quality – whether in continuous motion or individual piece

Companies involved in profiling are challenged with being able to profitably produce even the smallest batch sizes. This is the reason that our solutions for profiling machines ensure the highest degree of flexibility – from engineering through operator friendliness of the machine control up to precise profiling.


Your advantage:

  • Flexible machinery construction using an open engineering, scalable hardware and option handling
  • Customer-friendly support when operating and programming
  • Short cycle times by employing drive systems with a high dynamic performance
  • High degree of compactness through innovative motor and drive technology as well as a reduction in the switchgear systems employed.

Core technical data: 

  • Feed velocities of 6 - 800 m/min
  • Total power of 18 - 200 kW

Model solution for a profiling machine

All products must be perfectly harmonized and coordinated with one another from the control of the machine up to profile cutting. Our model solution precisely addresses these requirements, where the high-speed communication within the machine is realized using PROFINET.


This means that short cycle times can be implemented to achieve a high degree of user-friendliness. The best possible machine availability and stiffness as well as short equipping times can be implemented.

Components required

The ultimate discipline for woodworking and timber processing

Irrespective of whether 3-axis or 5-axis machining centers: You can enjoy all the benefits of leading-edge technology with our drive and automation solutions. Our scalable hardware and software interoperate perfectly with one another to achieve first-class results – for stationary as well as complex machining operations.


Your advantage:

  • Maximum flexibility through a modular design
  • High throughput for repeat parts using a high-performance CNC control with up to 300% overload capability
  • Short spindle acceleration and braking times independent of the tool through innovative software functions
  • Extreme safety using extended safety functions, e.g. safe position or override of the safe speed via PROFIsafe

Core technical data: 

  • Typical spindle speeds of 24,000 revolutions/minute
  • Typical milling spindle power rating of 7.5 kW (up to 30 kW in the window domain)

Model solution for a CNC machining center

Here you can see, as example, a high-end automation solution for 5-axis machining centers, which places extreme requirements on the overall system. The fastest possible closed-loop control with the highest machining quality must be guaranteed in an open system.


This is possible by using the optimum combination of control, converter and servomotor. Based on our solution, high machine availability, short equipping times, machine stiffness, high availability and the best machine-dynamic attributes can be optimally achieved. The same also applies to 3-axis machining centers.

Components required

Application examples from the sector


The world's largest portfolio for all types of woodworking and timber processing machines

You require system-based automation to guarantee efficiency in your production process. This means: All components must interact perfectly with one another. The optimum strategy is to select a seamlessly integrated portfolio from one supplier. We provide system-tested products for all applications that have high long-term availability.
All wood applications and solutions based on Siemens products at a glance.

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