Staying ahead – with Minerals Automation Standard

Globalization, environmental protection, rising cost pressure, and growing complexity – the enormous challenges faced by today’s mining enterprises call for new integrated and innovative solutions that combine productivity and efficiency. The Minerals Automation Standard is Siemens’ answer to support the mining industry in managing its challenges.

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Minerals Automation Standard

The distributed control system for the mining industry

Minerals Automation Standard is a highly innovative, comprehensive approach for your mining business. It is aimed at improving long-term competitiveness – by optimizing productivity, plant availability, and efficiency. To achieve this, Minerals Automation Standard delivers the best possible ROI at the lowest possible cost – based on high technological standards provided by Siemens, your responsible and reliable partner with global expertise and reputation in mining automation.

Designed to keep an enterprise ahead of competition

The ideal basis for future-oriented and economical solutions in the mining industry

The optimization of operation and engineering processes is crucial for economic production and thus for strengthening your competitiveness. Highest availability, reliability, and efficiency as well as complying with protection of man, machine, and environment define the highest demands on the associated process control system.

With the Minerals Automation Standard, Siemens set a new standard in the mining industry. Based on CEMAT, the market leader for process control systems in the cement industry, it is the process control system for the specific requirements in the mining industry – combining more than 40 years of matured functionality for automation of cement plants and for typical mining automation application functions.

Three things you should know about the Minerals Automation Standard


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