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Solutions for beneficiation

For the overall performance of your mine, beneficiation – specifically grinding – is a critical process step. SIMINE Gearless mill drives and SIMINE Pinion mill drives redefine operational reliability, availability, maintenance costs, and energy efficiency. In addition, we offer innovative and intelligent solutions such as condition monitoring that help you achieve highest availability over the entire lifecycle of your plant.

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SIMINE solutions for beneficiation

Optimize your entire beneficiation process

The demands of the mining industry are increasing, and cost constraints are considerable. SIMINE solutions enrich output and quality, lower operating costs, and optimize processes over the entire lifecycle.

SIMINE solutions for the mining industry focus on process optimization, boosting output while decreasing costs for operating preparation plants.

Thanks to optimized processes and intelligent condition monitoring, you benefit from lower energy consumption. This pays off in the long run and also allows contributing to environmental protection. Further operational savings decrease costs over the entire lifecycle of your plant. Additionally, precise measurements as well as high reliability and quality increase your beneficiation’s productivity. Regardless whether gearless or pinion mill drives, Siemens has it all and designs solutions that span the entire beneficiation process, integrating mechanics, electrical engineering, automation, and drive technology.

Modernization of mill drives

Rapid advancements in electronics and computer technologies have allowed significant progress in the control technology of mill drive systems. For long-term operation of your mine, the only comprehensive solution to the challenges of aging devices is the stepwise modernization of the old control systems. Siemens has been successfully modernizing selected equipment of installed systems for many years now. However, the introduction of the SINAMICS SL150 drive control system for cycloconverters triggered an extensive engineering development with the specific aim of evaluating the complete electrical components of the older systems, defining adequate substitute solutions, and developing alternative modernization concepts. The result of this development is a variety of innovative approaches, based on standard modules, to modernize the existing mill drive to a state-of-the-art system to prepare it for many further years of continuous and reliable operation.


Optimizing beneficiation in the real world


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